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crazy easy, beautiful and delicious homemade artisan bread

  a few weeks ago, i mentioned in a ten thoughts on a wednesday post that i had started making homemade artisan bread, and many of you asked for the recipe! i am not exaggerating when i say that the first time i took a loaf of this bread out of the oven, my jaw dropped and i gasped. i honestly couldn’t believe that i had made something so beautiful from scratch so easily! all i did was mix together four ingredients, leave it overnight, and put it in the oven. what the?! i’m officially obsessed and have had to limit my bread making to two loaves per week :) the one thing about this recipe is that it requires a dutch oven / heavy cast iron dish . we got a le creuset brand pot for our wedding and it is without a doubt my favourite kitchen item that we own. it can be used on the stove top and put in the oven and is incredibly useful – and really pretty! ;) if you don’t have a suitable dish for this recipe, i recommend getting one as a kitchen investment if you can swing it (there ar

ten thoughts on a wednesday |10|

one. when we moved into our flat, ian asked me which aspects of maintaining our home i would like him to take ownership for. one thing i told him was that i wanted fresh flowers on our table as close to always as possible. it’s not haw he would choose to spend on his own, but nearly every week my husband brings home flowers. and i have delighted in blooms of all different kinds in this same ikea vase throughout the two years we have spent in our tiny home. sometimes the littlest, simplest things bring the biggest, simplest happiness. two. when i posted the above ^^ on instagram, some followers asked me to explain a bit more about how ian and i coordinate the division of labor in our marriage/shared life. we definitely have decided to specialize in certain things (he is the breadwinner, i am the homemaker), but we both feel really strongly that each should contribute to the other’s speciality, and that it is important to communicate clearly about the division of labor, and decide to

looslis in london

at the beginning of june, my oldest sister saren and her husband and five kids came to london! (having family in town is so so great. come august, every one of my eight siblings will have visited us since we moved here two years ago. both ian’s parents and my parents have also come to see us in london, and two of ian’s siblings as well – and one more is coming in october! when you live so far away from family, it sure is wonderful to have them come to you!) the looslis came right before the cfa exam, so moses and i got to spend our days with them while ian did some last studying. then, saren and her crew went to france and switzerland, but back through london for a day (when my brother josh was in town too!) before heading back across the pond. it was really great to be together, and especially awesome to see moses absolutely delighted to be with his cousins.       ^^ we met up in trafalgar square just after the looslis arrived and the total glee of the loosli kids when seeing m