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things i like about my life right now, part 2

today as i was walking across frozen, icy, good old byu campus, i realized what a blessing and wonder this semester has been. it has been such a unique and amazing time in my life, and i am just so grateful for the things i'm learning, the ways i've grown, the obvious presence of the lord's hand in my life and the real fun and joy i have experienced. it's still so random to me that i am here, and i still have no idea what the future holds, but you know what? life is good and god is aware of me. i still ache for the mission and am bewildered by the craze of the world, but you know what? i can use what i learned and my passion for the gospel in my life now, and i am blessed. i can't believe how fast time has passed. so let me list again what i like about life a few months later, just because i'm happy and want to validate and share that. here we go: i really like -- *the new family search website. it is so cool and has helped me completely in achieving my goal of

i love being alive!

life is beautiful! isn't it great to be alive?? i feel so content about life right now, and this really seems like a new sensation. i just feel at peace and like i have this whole new outlook on life, competition and unneeded stress or worry eliminated. i feel so much more laid back about life than i ever did before the mission. i'm not sure how this happened, but i feel happy. i don't want to get too comfortable, but i am just enjoying every day and basking in all the blessings and beauties around me. i feel like i am, in good part, taking the advice of my mission president, who said that i needed to slow down when i got home. i've been going full-speed on so many intense things for the last five years and now it's time to just breathe and figure out what god wants me to do with my life and how to best broaden and contribute. it feels real good to let my guard down a bit, but i also need to be careful, like i said, to not get too comfortable. the future is da