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spring fever

in india, the crazy place which i recently called home, the arrival of spring warrants a big, huge celebration. the indians are so excited, in fact, that they sing, dance, and throw colored water and powder at each other in a yearly festival of pure exuberance. dani, sara and i got to experience all the "holi" hoopla twice - once in delhi and once in spanish fork. well, i don't blame the hare krishnas for being so thrilled; the coming of spring really is an enchanting little phenomenon. the gorgeous weather of the last few days has magically turned me from sulky to smiley. i feel like i have made an almost 180 degree turn back into being wildly passionate about being alive. dear pretty blossoms, green leaf buds and sparkling sunshine, thanks for that! on saturday we went up provo canyon and piled in dani's truck for a little cruise around in the mountains that were just waking up for spring. it was delightful. at work i've enjoyed spending time with the girls out

heartbreak therapy

everyone who knows me would agree that i sometimes am a teeny tiny bit romantic and passionate. well, i've experienced some heartbreak and subsequent aftershocks in the past few weeks and i've tried to quell my tendency to be over-dramatic. i have been mildly successful. i have developed some coping mechanisms (sometimes i bring home therapeutic jargon from work...) and am still sorting out which ones are beneficial. 1. food/bumming around therapy sometimes i wonder: is life sometimes like the movies because a) movie makers are good at mimicing the emotions and experiences of life, or b) we subconsciously mimic our lives after the movies? you know in romantic comedies where, after a break-up, the protagonist drowns herself in sweets and stays locked in her room vegging? i totally did that. did i do it because it's a natural reaction or because my psyche tells me i must because (according to the movies) that's what everyone does? hmm. either way,