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faroe islands: unbelievable and unshareable

okay. i'm about to get really  dripping with passion  up in here. superlatives, drama, and perhaps even some capital letters are coming up...  because the faroe islands utterly blew us away . we spent three and a half days in this unique spot of earth in the north atlantic and we were just gobsmacked by beauty the entire time. what we saw and experienced was genuinely unbelievable, and it completely felt like we were in another world. the landscape around us was just so astonishing; the air tasted curiously delicious; there were scenes around corners that literally took our breath away; everything felt so captivating, untouched, and ethereal. i don't think i've ever felt sheer awe as deeply as i did last week in the faroe islands. it was all just outrageously AMAZING.  the second i saw the islands appear through the misty clouds from the airplane, i knew i'd never be able to explain or capture this place. it's unbelievable, and it's unshareable - th

ten thoughts on a wednesday |16|
{new years' resolutions}

tomorrow morning we are headed out on an epic adventure - ian and i, along with my brother eli and his wife julie, are taking three small children to the faroe islands.  haven't heard of the faroe islands? neither had we, until recently. just a quick  google image search  reveals that it's a place of absolutely  unreal  beauty. and the fact that it's relatively unknown/untouched makes it even more alluring.  when eli and julie told us they were coming to visit and wanted to take a trip with us while they were on this side of the pond, we contemplated england's lake district, scotland, and northern ireland. then, ian threw out faroe islands, on a whim and quite jokingly. then, eli spent a couple of hours watching youtube drone videos and was  hooked .  the thing is, it's not particularly easy or cheap to get to the faroe islands, and it's not exactly a prime spot for traveling with kids. but just as we were about to buy flights to belfast, i texted e

happy birthday, ian!

this past sunday was ian’s birthday. i love an opportunity to celebrate this wonderful, wonderful boy. i am so so so glad he was born and so so so glad he is mine. leading up to his birthday, i emailed ian several lists of thirty three things i love about him – from his great head of hair to his genuine constant desire to serve others to his sense of adventure to his quirky mannerisms. when i completed each list i had about a hundred other things on my mind that make him the awesomest. he has a golden sparkly heart and is only getting better with age. we were lucky to have my brother and his family in london with us this weekend to help us celebrate ian’s birthday! we had all sorts of fun around the city all together leading up to the big day… and then on sunday after church had a little pizza and cake party at a special spot with amazing views over london: we went to the rose garden in regents park on sunday evening and my brother snuck this photo of the boy opening the bir

a sunday on malta

although moses absolutely makes our little family ten million times better, it was pretty awesome to spend some baby-free time with my one and only. ian is sincerely my best friend, my deepest love, my true companion and my favourite person. he somehow simultaneously drives me completely crazy and makes me so crazy happy. our marriage is haaaaard work in a lot of ways, and undoubtedly the most difficult thing i have ever navigated – but i am consistently blown away by how much security, happiness, sweetness, and fun it has offered me -- and the challenges have stretched me in hugely positive ways. i love my husband and i love us together.  and i especially love us together adventuring in malta! after that dreamy saturday on gozo and comino, we spent sunday on the main island of malta at church and then exploring cities and the coast.   ^^ it was wonderful to join in on the services of the small branch of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints in the town of mostra. i