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big cheers for a little boy

while we were in utah, we had three baby showers for moses! it was so great to see so many loved ones and celebrate the safe and happy arrival of our perfect baby boy. when snapping photos, ian invited all shower attendees to do a big cheer for our little boy! 1. eyre family shower my mom invited my aunts and cousins, from both her and my dad’s sides of the family, to come up to park city to party with moses. it was so great to see everyone, and of course to have my mom, sisters and nieces there as well! moses loved meeting all these amazing women! ^^ of course my dad wasn’t about to miss out on the fun, and positioned himself right in the middle of the table as we ate! ^^   ^^ my mom and her sister, our beloved aunt lenna. love that woman dearly. and look at that beautiful spread of food! ^^   ^^ my mom is the cutest and got those darling cupcake toppers. she also put little blue pacifier-shaped candies in tiny mesh bags and handed them out as party favours. ^^ ^^ gifts were given,

moses in the mountains

while we were in utah, i really wanted to get a darling picture of baby moses in the autumn-kissed mountains. mo was sleepy when we went on a little hike with shawni, claire and grandfather, so i asked ian to drive down the road with me the next afternoon and help me get a photo we could treasure forever, capturing our baby’s first time in our beloved utah mountains. aaaaaand, it didn’t work out quite like i hoped. the sun was too bright and moses wasn’t quite up for posing. i can’t stop laughing looking at these photos!         maybe next summer we’ll get a stellar moses in the mountains picture :)

introducing moses to beloved faces and places in utah

there’s no place like home. i’ve called many locales home throughout my life – virginia, boston/wellesley, new york city, washington dc, jerusalem, my mission areas in england, san francisco, palo alto, and london. each are wonderful and so beloved. but nothing, nothing compares to the home that is in northern utah. my heart was beating some happy euphoria through my veins as we touched down in salt lake city. it just felt so great to be back after nearly fourteen months away, and i was so excited to show moses around this super wonderful home . we spent six days enjoying beloved places and faces in utah. my oldest sister and four of her five kids, who live in ogden (north of salt lake), came to pick us up from the airport. they surprised us by coming in the arrivals area instead of meeting us in the car on the curb. it was such a happy reunion! ^^ the sunshine in this picture is crazy, but i still love it. and you better believe that is a wendy’s frosty that i am holding! b