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chefchaouen (part two)

  are you ready for a  lot more pictures of blue buildings, doors and alleyways?!? chefchaouen has got to be my favourite travel destination to photograph ever.  we set an alarm for 7am, just after sunrise, on our last day in the blue city (and in morocco!) and decided we’d wake up, check the weather, and go back to sleep it if it was  still raining. but come dawn: no rain!! we quickly headed out, a bit drowsy but so excited it was dry, through the magical streets towards the spanish mosque that sits on a hill overlooking the town. there was a picture around every corner and it felt like we had the whole quiet, beautiful city to ourselves.  after a wonderful final moroccan breakfast on the spectacular terrace at our guesthouse, most of the shops had opened and so we enjoyed browsing and then finally buying a rug. (our quest for purchasing a moroccan rug turned into a kind of crazy ordeal and we ended up getting one that really wasn’t what we were looking or hoping for … but it was c