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I have so much homework to do and schoolwork to get caught up on, but in an effort to unwind after a crazy, crazy week and month, here is an update on my beautiful life as of yet. October has been the month of visitors, starting with Julie, then Saren and Shawni, then my friend from Jerusalem, Dani. It was such a blast to have guests, but I am so happy it's over! It feels good to be independent and not feeling like I have to entertain anyone! It was SO fun to spend time with people from out of town though; it's the perfect excuse to do all kinds of things I have been wanting to do in Boston and the area. And it is so joyful to be with people that I love so much! For pictures of Saren's visit, Shawni's visit, and our family trip to NYC, see Saren's blog and Shawni's blog (links at right). I loved seeing my sisters and it was such a blessing to have Shanwi, Elle, and Lucy here (in addition to the Shumways) for the opening of my mission call. The trip to New York w

You are Hereby Called to Serve...

October 19: A day I will never forget! My sisters Shawni, Saydi and I were walking around beautiful, drizzly Wellesley with nieces/nephew Elle, Lucy, Hazel and Charlie. The leaves had just begun to burst into brilliant color and my heart was bursting too... with anticipation and with excitement. We went to check my mail around three p.m., and after several days of an empty mailbox, finally my mission call was there! We all got pretty excited, and all the other Wellesley girls in the student center were wondering what all the fuss and picture taking and tears were about. Leaving Saydi and Shawni to reunite with me after I opened the call, I picked up my journal, ipod, scriptures and patriarchal blessing from my dorm room and headed down to the lake. Here's what the setting looked like (notice how freaked out I look): After some writing, reading, and intense praying, I looked out over the beautiful scene and sobbed a little with music in my ears. I had been waiting for this very mome

It's Fall!

Finally it is starting to cool down and feel like fall in New England. The leaves are changing a little. I think they will peak right when Shawni is here. She's been praying for that for a while... thank goodness prayer works! I am babysitting/housesitting this weekend. I am trying to be productive when these people have every DVD ever made and about 10000 satelite TV stations. The blog is good procrastination from schoolwork! I have had a fun few days with Olivia, but I am also learning a lot about patience and humility. This girl is a tad bit spoiled. I still love her to pieces, even after her complete meltdown this evening. Maybe I do deserve to browze those thousands of channels after all... This is Olivia and I apple picking today in Northboro, a half an hour west of Wellesley. It was a beautiful drive, beautiful day, beautiful orchard with one whiney four-year-old. But really, Olivia is so darling and has been such a bright part of my life the past few years. Had a fun

Julie's Visit

My good friend Julie Engar was in town for five days and we had such a good time together! It worked out perfectly because my fall break was this Monday and Tuesday so I didn't have to worry too much about school and we got some awesome adventures in! Friday we spent at Wellesley with a night out on the town in Boston. Saturday and Sunday we explored Boston and Cambridge in between conference sessions. Monday we had some serendipitous adventures in the back roads of Southern Maine and on Tuesday we went to Newport, RI to see the immaculate and spectacular mansions on the sea. Thanks to Saydi and Jeff for letting us use the Honda! Julie left this morning and I miss her already! Here are some of the best pictures from our weekend/fall break. Outside Tower Court Walkin' around Lake Waban Top of the Hub on top of the Prudential Center... this is our amazing view and if you look closely you can see us reflecting in the window! Fun and fancy at Top of the Hub... we didn&