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how was the mission?

a question i've heard a thousand times since my return to the "real world" is, "how was the mission?" my answer is usually a flabergasted expression, fire in my eyes, a deep breath and - "it was so great. i loved every second." and i feel so incredibly trite, awkwardly unrepresentative, almost dishonest, completely unable to give even a sliver of appropriate passion in the response. suddenly, the conversation has moved on and i feel defeated. oh my goodness, how was the mission?? it exceeded my wildest dreams and keenest expectations a million fold, on both the hard and the fantastic ends. i could have never imagined how incredible it was; i could have never dreamed up how significant and wonderful and thrilling and heart wrenching and joyful and gutting and celestial it became. i LOVED the mission. i loved every second. who knew i had such depth of emotion, such an broad ability to love, such a overflowing adoration for the truth and such endurance to