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miss mcconkie comes to town

i think ambience of the above pictures (from the sea of galilee) typify the way i feel about my friend sara. our souls are knit, and i love her as my own soul (see 1 samuel 18:1). this girl is one of the finest humans i have ever come in contact with, and she has enriched my life so stinking much. we’ve been in 7 countries and 7 states together and have had so, so, so many laughs and adventures. there’s no one quite like miss mcconkie – she is one in a million. and in a few weeks she won’t be miss mcconkie anymore – sara’s tying the knot on may 20. i am jumping-out-of-my-skin excited for her wedding, but insisted on a visit from her to have a few last days with my single lady. it didn’t look very promising for her to be able to get out here before the big day, but a few weeks ago she surprised me by emailing me a flight itinerary in and out of san francisco. ahhhhh i was thrilled. i planned quite the three days for her trip and we had such a great time. on saturday night: we had a

looslis in sf

  my oldest sister saren and her family drove through my city on their epic spring break road trip. it was so fun to meet them in their van downtown and hear choruses of delighted greetings from my niece and nephews. it was fun showing them some of my favourite spots.   we went up and down the glass elevator at the westin st. francis about 5 times, learned some california history from the murals at coit tower (thanks for the facts, sar), enjoyed the market at the ferry building and drove across the golden gate bridge.     look at how much these kids love me! i love them too. there are 16 years between saren and i, and for a lot of my life she has been like my second mom. she is one of the most incredible, amazing, caring human beings on earth and she has always taken care of me in every way. i could never thank her enough for the example she and her family have set for me.

p.o.m. is the

one of my random job titles is “retreat manager” for an incredible growing world-changing organization called the power of moms . my oldest sister saren happens to be the co-founder/president. i have spent the last few months sorting registration, contacting caterers, renting chairs and microphones and contributing to one of the world’s largest spreadsheets of logistics. last weekend we hosted 100 women in a two-day event at my parents house in park city and it was such a success! i had a fantastic time meeting people and coordinating things and making something truly great happen. there were so many fun things about being a part of the retreat! but the best part was that i got to see my sisters, my new baby nephew, and my parents. shawni flew in from arizona and saydi from boston to present at the retreat. to me there is really nothing better than being with my sisters. as soon as i landed in san francisco i felt so sad that this big thing was over. but the great thing is that

book bash for little boy blue

cath is having a baby!! and caitlin and i decided to throw a celebratory party while i was in utah last weekend. i came home that night and when my mom asked how the baby shower was, all i could say was “outrageously great” because it was – to be with so many of my dearest friends and especially with cath and her babe, who is has been dubbed “little boy blue” while in the womb. it was kinda ridiculous how fun and happy the evening was. since catherine is a master of comparative literature (literally) and we wanted to do a gift theme that is a little different, we decided to help build a library for little boy blue. cait decorated her adorable cozy place with books and blue, and we had blue rice krispie treats and blue cupcakes and blue jello and even blue drinks! isn’t it awesome how corny showers can be/have to be?? side note – caitlin connolly is devastatingly cool. read her blog . buy her art . vote for her husband’s band to be on the cover of rolling stone. sheesh i am le

heart in san francisco

happy things for last week: brunch in north beach outside in the sunshine a cannoli as an appetizer and gelato for dessert macy's incredible flower show new hearts in union square japantown cherry blossom festival sunday picnic at duboce park night walk at ocean beach - only a teeny bit of light left and sound of powerful waves tea party with nikki and kaitlin npr (i'm addicted) going to a (outlandishly beautiful) ranch in petaluma with a family i nanny for yoga in grace cathedral!!! (i love it - live mystic music, colorful mats on the cold stone ground, stained glass and the highest ceilings, walking to the top of nob hill, deep relaxation and feeling so rejuvenated and alive) riding the glass elevators at the st. francis hotel (5 times in a row up to floor 32) long walk in burlingame - spring blossoms public transportation (i love it) to the airport for a weekend trip to utah    


ten days of fantastic weather around the bay - wednesday: long walk with the stroller in charming, sunny burlingame sauntered through the ebullient botanical gardens with the kids i babysit slanty light of golden hour thursday: drove over the golden gate bridge feeling euphoric vermillion against blue blue sky basked on the hot black sand at muir beach lulled by waves and teeny pebbles slumber party with my brother and his family at my house! friday: rode a zebra on the carousel in golden gate park with my niece on my shoulders thoroughly enjoyed it all at crowded baker beach with jo, aja and the kids saturday: general conference spirited and scrumptious brunch in the mission warmth in the corner bay window booth general conference walked from the ferry building to baker beach with dear friends (9 miles along the edge of san fran and the bay) the thrive and alive of our city gauzy, dreamy views toward the golden gate bridge wild