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ten thoughts on a wednesday |7|

one. i was planning to post ten thoughts about my faith/mormonism and responses to readers' questions today - but i just haven't had time to put it all together. we just got home last night from cornwall, and we have family coming to town this morning, so there just hasn't been a few minutes to sit down and compose what i want to share and answers to questions. (i had planned to work on it over the weekend but that just didn't happen. and i am feeling so pressed for time this morning that i am writing this blog post from the elliptical at the gym - haha!) next week i will publish two posts focused on faith - one sharing ten general thoughts i have that should answer a lot of questions and then a follow-up delving into specific questions readers posted in the comments of last wednesday's post. i am really looking forward to this, and still very much open to questions! two. the sun came out yesterday afternoon for our last few hours in cornwall! it was glorio

a misty morning in port isaac

hello from cornwall! we rented a car and drove down to this magical peninsula – the southwestern tip of england – for a little family adventure and a change of scenery for ian as he is in the last stretch of studying for the cfa exam. to be honest, this trip has been pretty much a fail. there has been bad traffic, bad weather, and bad moods. i’ve wanted to visit cornwall for as long as i can remember, but as it turns out this just wasn’t the best time for us to come. you win some, you lose some. still, we are grateful to be here, we’ve taken in some stunning and soothing scenery, and there have definitely been some awesome bright spots! one of those was yesterday morning when moses and i discovered and explored the picturesque fishing village of my cornwall dreams, port isaac. the weather was sub-optimal, but also kind of enchanting.                     i’ve been thinking a lot about one of my favourite movies, which takes place mostly in cornwall. it’s called about time . ha

tender moments

a couple of days ago, moses and i met ian in st. james's park after work for a dinner picnic and some fun on the swings (little mo's favourite activity). we had such a lovely evening together - under the huge gorgeous trees and the beaming blue sky with a giggling baby. a few minutes in to the short walk home, moses fell asleep on his daddy's shoulder, and it was just the sweetest, sweetest thing. as i looked over at my baby boy and my true love, moving together snuggled up through this beautiful city, my heart was just a puddle. my life right now is brim with tender moments like that one. my days are made up of increasing tantrums, hundreds of little messes to clean up, groggy early mornings, and sharing stress with my spouse -- and there's a lovely, cool stream of sweet slices of time cutting through it all. yesterday i laughed so hard that my sides ached while watching moses's silly antics in the bath. my little son is increasingly giving me kisses spontan

ten thoughts on a wednesday |6|

    one. just in the past week or so, moses has become a total bookworm! he is constantly pointing at the bookshelf and grunting, haha! this week, we've read all of the twenty or so board books that we own about twenty times each. moses could go on and on, but his mama needed just a taaaad more variety, so we had a little outing to the bookstore to pick out a new baby book for our collection (and we're going to check the library out tomorrow!). i'm so so glad that mo is developing a love for reading, and i hope to help cultivate that for many years to come.    two. london continues to bloom like crazy. the daffodils and tree blossoms gave way to tulips, and then the wisteria burst, and now the roses are brilliantly unfolding. after moses fell asleep in the stroller on monday, i strolled him through "belgravia in bloom" - a series of floral displays in storefronts in one of london's most lovely neighborhoods. and then yesterday we took a detour on our