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i was planning to post ten thoughts about my faith/mormonism and responses to readers' questions today - but i just haven't had time to put it all together. we just got home last night from cornwall, and we have family coming to town this morning, so there just hasn't been a few minutes to sit down and compose what i want to share and answers to questions. (i had planned to work on it over the weekend but that just didn't happen. and i am feeling so pressed for time this morning that i am writing this blog post from the elliptical at the gym - haha!) next week i will publish two posts focused on faith - one sharing ten general thoughts i have that should answer a lot of questions and then a follow-up delving into specific questions readers posted in the comments of last wednesday's post. i am really looking forward to this, and still very much open to questions!


the sun came out yesterday afternoon for our last few hours in cornwall! it was glorious, and i am excited to share some photos! our earth is so awesome.

the family coming to town today is my oldest sister and her husband and five kids! i am so excited to spend some time with them in my city. and for moses to hang out with his cool older cousins!

IMG_7001 IMG_7084
^^ baby boy sneaking in some studying with dad’s books :) // we happened across this amazing display in mayfair when walking home from the park! ^^

ian takes the cfa exam this saturday! ahhh we are both so excited for it to be over and done with. so looking forward to celebrating this weekend. (we won't know the results until july, though!)

it's so wild to me that yesterday morning i woke up in a little cornish cottage in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere rolling green hills, and this morning i woke up in the middle of a huge bustling city. the contrast when we get out into the countryside is good for the soul.

FullSizeRender (2) IMG_7041IMG_7043 IMG_7030
^^ ^^ from a walk last week in battersea park! we discovered the old english garden, and it was to die for! ^^ ^^
IMG_7052 IMG_7054
^^ a couple scenes from chelsea in bloom – the flowered storefronts are sensational! this year’s theme is safari. ^^

i have been learning more and more about uk government and politics with the upcoming snap election happening here. i am so interested in how everything will play out, especially with brexit.

something ian and i are working on lately is not letting anything be a big deal. we are both not naturally very laid back people, and we want to be more easygoing. it's important to stop in the middle of a panic and realize that it's reeeeally no big deal! there are truly very few things that are big deals.

moses is a little people magnet and bringing him places has given us an opportunity to connect with way more random new friends than ever before. yesterday, at the ruins of tintagel castle along the wild cornish coast, we met such a rad lady that is about to become a granny. and on the tube home from the airport (where we had rented a car), we got to chat with three scottish men on a business trip. it all starts with a smile and a wave from little mo :)
have you heard of the word sonder? it's defined as: the realization that each random passerby is living a life as complex and vivid as your own. i love it.

last friday before we left for our road trip, moses and i met a bunch of mum and baby friends at the princess diana memorial fountain in hyde park. it was a super hot day and we had soooo much fun picnicking, splashing in the fountains, and chatting with pals. it felt so summery and so happy. i am looking forward to more days like that ahead! (pretty please, fickle london weather?!)


they ^^ are mine!!! i am soooooo lucky.

happy wednesday! life is beautiful!


  1. #7 above really hit me...I think I need to work on this too!

    I am a bit nervous for you to post about your faith because I think the comments section will likely be out of control. You are brave!:)

  2. Dito to seven. I woke up this morning feeling directed to open up your blog. Even though I opened it just last night! It's nice to hear that others are as intense as me. I will be working on this along with you!

  3. Hi, delaying your post by a week and your sister coming into town is perfect timing. Can I tack on a few more, now that I know Saren's kids and husband will be there?

    Do teenagers these days feel comfortable bringing doubts, questions, and curiosities out in the open? And are they truly free to opt out of church? My son has recently done a slow fade from attending (Catholic) mass and as his parents, we have allowed him the space to go when he wants. No one has noticed (except grandma :) ), but I don't get the feeling that Mormonism is quite so optional. Am I wrong? For example, if a teenager didn't want to attend church and seminary every week, he might not get to go on a mission and that would be a mark against him? I've heard a lot of references to marrying a returned missionary. Is that something you considered when choosing to date Ian?

    Is it weird and awkward among groups of teen friends (or your friends Charity, if this applies) if a good friend leaves the church?

    If Eliza came to Jared and said her dream in life would be to serve as Bishop like her father, can you think of a good reason to give her why any one of her brothers is more qualified or capable? Or why she should be excluded. I don't agree with this point in Catholicism either so I'm not throwing stones in a glass house. I just genuinely want to know how other families reconcile these points. From Saren's blog, she seems like one awesome girl who could and should be able accomplish anything.

    Do you think your spiritual experience of feeling like you are in the one true church is unique to Mormonism? What about the billions of people of the planet who get the same confirmation from God that they too are in the right church?

    I have to run and this was't very well worded. Sorry. Enjoy your week with family!

    1. Awesome questions! I hope Charity is able to answer some of them!

  4. Hi,
    Have a lovely time with Saren and her family.x

  5. Being more laid back resonates with me, too! I need to work on that. My 2nd grader just had a school program on emotions, and one (cheesy!!!) song keeps coming back to me "I just stop, I know the drill. I take a few deep breaths and tell myself to chill."

  6. I hit publish before typing the last line, and it's a good one :) ".....I can handle this like a pro, I'm overflowing with self-control."

  7. Love your pictures, Charity. I can't wait to get to England again. I love that place.


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