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yesterday marks one year

sometimes, i can see myself in my mind's eye, walking down a bricked high street in england, stopping strangers mid-step and telling them god loves them with fire in my heart and in my eyes. i can see the figure of my body from above and i am glowing - there is a haze of yellow light around. i loved the mission so excruciatingly much, and yesterday as i sat on the bear lake beach and thought about how exactly a year had gone by since my full-time service ended, i ached to glow like that again. i will forever be remarkably grateful that i served a mission, and that i gave the work my whole, whole, whole heart. it has been a crazy, wonderful year. wildly fantastic highs and the lowest of lows - divinely orchestrated, no doubt. now i have another year ahead, and a new opportunity to be triumphant in what i became as a missionary. there is nothing like the mission. oh, how i miss it!

i like my family so much

the past week at our favourite place on earth has been positively heavenly. moments i have extremely enjoyed: -feeling the glow of family love and a beach bonfire at sunset, then dancing and belting out taylor swift's "love story" with my neices -being positively exhilarated by my first waterski of the year -swooping on the bloomington lake rope swing into water so freezing it made all my cells yell -soaking in the spirit as we sat in a circle on the grass under the trees outside the church -having a huge dance party at the lighthouse with everyone jamming out to chris brown's "forever" -riding the "big mama" tube behind the boat with nieces and squealing with delight -laughing to tears during game night -sitting in the hot tub talking under the stars with my best friends in the world -witnessing the powerful blessing of my newest nephew jacobson -going for a run in the pouring rain with my sisters -smiles overcoming my face watching the kids play

there is a beautiful chapter of my life set in provo, utah

... and the chapter just ended. a few times in the past few weeks as i've driven home from work north on the i15 at 11pm, i have found myself stunned with the beauty of the town of provo in the shadow of the majestic mountains. my fingertips have tingled as flashes of memories and discoveries i experienced in this place have shimmered through my heart. just the other day i thought to myself in some sort of epiphany-moment - "dang! i really, really love provo!" it's an intriguing place, that's for sure, and everyone has their opinions and/or jokes about it, which i admittedly find amusing. but the bottom line for me is that provo, utah is a fantastic locale. i spent a semester there, then a summer, and now just left behind 8 months of living and learning in happy valley. and today i feel so grateful to good ol' p-town. it was there that i figured out so much of who i am and who i want to be. it was there that i learned what being in love really is. it was there