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ten thoughts on a wednesday |30|

  one. we leave for morocco on friday morning and i am intensely excited … and intensely nervous about how much we are going to miss moses. we are so lucky and happy to be able to take off - just the two of us - on a fantastic trip to a fascinating and beautiful (and warm!) place, and i just hope the experience won’t be spoiled at all by the depth of longing i know we will feel to hug our little boy! the past couple of days i have had moments that have literally taken my breath away when i think about being away from the little mo for ten whole days. luckily we have absolutely zero worries about his wellbeing while we are away - ian’s mom is seriously the awesomest (and we are so, so grateful to her!) - but oooooh man are we going to miss him.      two. we have had three awesome baby-free date nights in a row! a couple weeks ago we went out for deeeelicious pizza at a really lovely restaurant on high street kensington (and maybe got mint oreo shakes from burger king on the way home…)

england road trip with grandma and grandpa

ian’s parents came to town last week! it was so great to have them here in london with us for a few days, and this past weekend we took a lovely little road trip out into the english countryside together. moses adores both grandma and grandpa and has absolutely delighted in being with them - and ian and i have too, of course! grandpa had to go back to work in texas yesterday, and grandma is here for another couple of weeks because she is soooo kindly taking care of the little mo while ian and i go to morocco for ten days (we leave this upcoming friday!). i feel so blessed in the in-law department and it’s just always really good to be together.  here’s some photos from our road trip, which included stops in cambridge, a couple villages that ian’s ancestors came from, lyme hall in the peak district, and oxford on the way back to london. we stayed two nights in a cozy little cottage on the edge of the peak district and all five loved seeing beautiful and historic bits of england. we spe