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christmas cards and gifts with shutterfly!

if you’ve read this blog for a little while, you’re well aware that i love, love, love shutterfly . i have tried lots of different online photo printing services, and i have found that truly no other company provides a better experience or product than shutterfly. the level of customization is so awesome (you really can create anything to look exactly how you’d like!), the designs are beautiful and varied, and customer service is top-notch. ^^ ^^ the front and back of this year’s christmas card! i like to design both sides on my own and then upload my designs to shutterfly (although they have tons of beautiful designs on the website as well). i especially have fun with the collage of pictures from the year on the back. ian keeps telling me i need to pick less photos so they are bigger, but it’s so hard to narrow them down! ^^ ^^ this year we not only made and sent our christmas cards using shutterfly, but also created a few really special christmas gifts using shutterfly. we made a

an imperfect and wonderful christmas

we had a quite imperfect christmas.  our tree was so, so dead - droopy, dry and brittle as can be. our washing machine broke, mid-cycle and full of mo’s clothes - necessitating a trip to the laundromat (well, three or four trips to the laundromat throughout the washing/drying cycles) on christmas eve. i completely forgot to prepare an entire dish that i planned to make as part of our middle eastern christmas eve meal (baby brain?!) we got stuck in  awful  traffic on our way to and especially from the christmas evensong service we attended at st. paul’s cathedral (which was crazy crowded and not really what we were hoping for…) we had to concede defeat on one of our favourite traditions - reading  a christmas carol together throughout december - by the time christmas day came we were only ten pages in! some guests we invited to our christmas eve meal had to cancel because of a sick baby :( the hollandaise sauce i made for christmas morning eggs benedict was a total fail (completely ru