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weekend at home

jane got married! she and i have been best friends since forever, so we've both been dreaming of this day since we were little girls. it was perfect. isn't she a stunning bride? the sealing in the salt lake temple was so beautiful - transcendent, celestial. as close to heaven as earth can get. i am so so so so happy that jane found her blake - they are so right for each other. the reception was a grand party. it was so fun to celebrate with jane and to see many dear friends that i have hardly seen since high school! i got to go to the ascent alliance annual international gala with mom and dad (who were stellar emcees). i brought dani as my guest - after four months we were reunited and it felt so so good! on saturday we went to india fest at the hare krishna temple in spanish fork. it felt great to be back in utah county, to see good friends, to reflect on all that's happened since i went to india fest last year (including going to india) and to enjoy the beauty of "go

back in sf

after a fantastic weekend at home, i've returned to misty san francisco and today have delved back into the job search. after hours in front of the computer scouring over website upon website, i went to the kitchen for lunch. an hour later i was still there, scrubbing down the microwave and stove and cupboards with all my might. it just felt good to do something where my progress was evident. i reveled in seeing the results of my work. there is something incredibly satisfying about that. one day, the sparkling outcome of this months-long job hunt will show like the gleaming white of the scrubbed stove. another thing with immediate results? blogging? so let me share a quote from "a tree grows in brooklyn." i am really loving this book. "the nolans just couldn't get enough of life. they lived their own lives up to the hilt but that wasn't enough. they had to fill in on the lives of all the people they made contact with." i adore this - and i don't thin

reading books

ever since i moved, i have for some reason realized a renewed hunger for reading. as it turns out, my thirst for well-crafted words and excellent storytelling has become insatiable. i have been late on several occasions because i've gotten lost in my book - transported to another world by the words and time has escaped me. isn't that fantastic? ah, the joy of a good book. here's what i've been thoroughly enjoying: (interesting that most of these feature a young heroine who adores reading...) i completely, utterly, unequivocally loved this book. devastatingly beautiful. the characters won my heart and the lush, sensory writing captured my mind. probably became one of my top 5 favorites. i finished it in a starbuck's on market street in downtown sf with my cup of peppermint steamed milk. fat tears were rolling down my face and i got a few looks of concern from the people around me. although this one was really hard to put down, i tried to avoid reading it before bed b

first visitor

there is something really fun about showing off a place you love to a friend you love. over labor day weekend, dear amy became my first visitor to sf - first of many, many to come i hope! highlights - we explored the haight,   and were enchanted by the marina in the evening fog. then, we squealed over enormously delicious ice cream from bi-rite after an exquisitely tasty dinner at burma superstar with my new and dear friends katie and lizzy. we biked across the golden gate bridge! it was so foggy which made it super magical. i was literally yelling with delight and pumping my fist at bikers passing on our left. my wonderful new friend stephanie was our tour guide - in 2009 she biked the bridge every single month! how rad it that - and also how cool is it that we were twinners in our green jackets?   we loooooved our afternoon in devastatingly charming sausalito, which included ginormous hamburgers and great ice cream. and we took the fe

a small ode to modern art

every first tuesday of the month, the san francisco museum of modern art is open to the public free of charge. i've been looking forward to this first tuesday since the day i arrived in the city. there are very few experiences i adore more than going to an art museum by myself and meandering through corridors brimming with ideas and colors and creativity and expression. my arm hairs stand up on end and my skin gets prickly and something swishes in my heart. i am wild about modern art. it started when i was a student of contemporary art at nyu. that summer, as i learned about the modes of artistic expression in this era, the way i saw the world fundamentally transformed. i get ticked off by people who write modern art off as silly but i realize it is only because they haven't taken the time to think about it much. i love it. i love it. allow me to share some of my favourite piece of art encountered today (i only had time to explore one floor!) and rant a little about how brillia