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we had a baby!!

our new son arrived last saturday. he was born at home and in the water on his due date (which was the most beautiful spring day, and also the queen’s birthday!). heaven hung above us as he came into the world. and now, everything is new. his name is gabriel james wright, and we are blown away by how much we love him.   the past six days been laden with so much sweetness. this time is so, so special and we are cherishing every moment. {but i will share more pictures and a birth story before too long!}   ^^ saturday morning in between contractions // sunday afternoon with baby on the outside — same tree, new world! ^^   “birth was and will always be the most commonplace of miracles - an event at once familiar and phenomenal, timeless and immediate, briefly making angels of us all.” {from  call the midwife }     "when a child is born, the world is altered in an instant. a new voice is heard, new love comes into being. years later, we pause and say, "yes, that's when it

waiting and anticipating...{something awesome for free in the meantime!}

  ...still no baby! of the twenty four babies born to my mom, sisters and i, not one  has been born on his/her due date or after - all twenty four were early!! and tomorrow  s this new little love's due date - so he may be a new trend setter. we are waiting, waiting, anticipating - and i've decided to just have fun with all the old-wives-tales natural induction methods i can find. bring on the pineapple cores, reflexology, raspberry leaf tea, etc etc... i'm also just trying to cherish my last days being pregnant and with only moses, the incredible weather london has been experiencing lately, and the precious time i get to spend with my angel mother (who keeps reminding me that the baby is sooo much easier inside than out!). some pictures from the past few days i decided i might as well post while i'm waiting, waiting, anticipating... and something really awesome (and free!) i wanted to share at the bottom of the post... ^^ moses and i have taken grammie to lots of


no baby yet! it’s so wild to live every day wondering when things will kick in and get going towards labor and delivery. every single morning i wake up super early and am convinced the sensations i am feeling mean i am going into labor. and then i realize i just really have to go to the bathroom ;) we will see when the little guy decides to make his entrance! in the meantime … we are having a great time with mom in town. she ended up moving her flight up a few days and it is soooo wonderful to have her here. she is the grandest mother and the grandest grandmother - i feel so blessed to have her by my side as i enter a new phase of my own mothering with baby number two! and she just published a new book!! i know i am biased, but this is some seriously  good stuff! my mom is a grandmother to  thirty  and she is the most deliberate, fantastic grandmother i have ever encountered. her vast experience - along with her golden heart - has provided her with so much knowledge and so m

ten thoughts from a wednesday |34|

happy thursday! i meant to publish this post yesterday and it just didn’t happen. life is wild and full right now as we anticipate baby brother arriving any day! so this post is ten thoughts  from a wednesday rather than ten thoughts  on a wednesday :)   one. waiting for a baby to be born is such a peculiar thing. we are really in any-minute-now mode, and it’s just wild! i’m so curious about how it will all start and how it will all go. not anxious, just curious. and very excited. i’ve actually been looking up ways to prevent the onset of labor - i feel like most women at 38.5 weeks are looking up ways to encourage the onset of labor! … but i just feel like i need a little bit more time! my mom actually moved her flight up and is arriving tomorrow morning. we also have a cleaner and handy-man coming tomorrow. there’s some last things on my list to do that will make me feel totally ready. so i think by the weekend i’ll switch over to the encouraging onset of labor stuff :) my body