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so very bittersweet

the past ten days have been a complete whirlwind! last friday : -ian's sister (sarah) and her husband (michael) had been in town all week. -in the afternoon we got an email, just as we were leaving for the airport, from our landlord saying we needed to move out by the following thursday (we were planning to move ten days beyond that, but were open to a new tenant moving in sooner to allow us to save on rent costs). -flew to normandy for a long weekend with sarah and michael (sarah is a history teacher and has had a dream her whole life to visit the beaches of normandy!) saturday-monday : visited amazing historic places, informative museums, and sobering cemeteries ... and got caught in a crazy wind/rain storm at mont st michel! enjoyed our time with family and learned a lot about world war two -

moses at fifteen months

          the other day i pulled out my big camera to take some close-up pictures of little mo’s face. i just want to remember his every adorable feature at this specific stage. like i’ve mentioned earlier, i keep thinking he has reached an apex of cuteness, or is at the age that takes the cake as being the very most fun … but he just keeps getting cuter, and being his mom just keeps getting more fun! i feel so incredibly lucky to spend my days caring for and learning from this sweet, sweet child. motherhood sure has its challenges, but gosh i love it more than i could have ever expected. today i just wanted to share these photos along with a few tidbits about our moses thames at fifteen months old. it’s my way of freezing time … which is necessary because moses is becoming more little boy and less baby with each passing day! so here’s some special things to remember little mo’s teetering-on-toddlerhood stage: -baby boy is super affectionate. he is constantly giving hugs and kiss

a mountain lake and mountain drives

  our second (and last) day in the dolomites was spent mostly in two places: the most goooorgeous mountain lake (lago di braies / pragser wilsee) and our rental car. (a baby who naps for several hours in the afternoon …and sleeps well in a carseat… + a husband who adores a good roadtrip = lots of time in the car!) we were again blown away by the beauty and charm of this spectacular spot of earth, especially because autumn colours were around every corner, even all the way on the tops of the mountains - where pine trees had turned golden. we loved our time in the dolomites so much that we actually decided (then and there) to return next year for our anniversary trip! ^^ the view we woke up to from our hotel room balcony. ian was so thoughtful in the two places he booked for us to spend the night. this one had a separate room for moses, and this spectacular vista outside the window! ^^   we were pretty stunned by this jewel of a lake. we walked the trail around the entire circumference

the stunning dolomites

^^ i actually can’t believe this is real, or that i took this picture!! ^^ i think i found my new favourite place in europe. have i said that a lot of times before?! ;) several months ago, i happened upon some pictures (on my instagram explore page) from the dolomites – the italian alps. i had never heard of this area before and i was blown away by its beauty in photographs. like i mentioned in my last post, i excitedly showed a couple of these snapshots to ian and said, “i want to go there !” he immediately started devising a secret anniversary trip and soon booked plane tickets to verona and a car to drive around the dolomites. he told me about his plan about a month ago, and i was so pumped to go experience this place, which just looked so magical!! and it was even more magical – and stunning and gorgeous and lovely – than i imagined! our trip was really quick (we left friday night and returned sunday night) but it was jam-packed with mind-blowing beauty. for me, being in the m