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a fun few days with my parents

last week, my parents were in town! it is always such a treat to have them here in london. they love this city as much as we do, so we all soak up its magic together … and it’s just great to have them around the flat, and to share meals and conversations and laughs with them. it’s even more fun having my parents visiting us now that little mo is here. i love seeing my baby with his grammie and grandfather and moses just adores them both so much! a few photos from our days together…     ^^ i took rick and linda to lunch at ottolenghi, my favourite. mom and dad are great appreciators of fresh, pretty and delicious food like me :) ^^   ^^ walks through leicester square (that entire big ben is made of tiny legos!) and notting hill ^^   ^^ my dad is the master of this move, which we call “the trick.” moses loves it!! ^^ ^^ a gelato run after dinner one night ^^ <<< my dad and i went on a bike ride together one morning. it was chilly but so sunny and we had such a great time crui

random thoughts on a saturday night

it's saturday night in london. the boy and i are sitting on our bed, leaning against the wall behind. he is studying for the second round of the cfa exam, i just finished sending some emails, and baby moses is snoozing in the other room. the sounds of traffic and chattering friends enjoying the weekend and jazz music being played by a street performer are seeping through our window. and i'm feeling really grateful for our little life in this little flat in this big city. there's been a lot that has disturbed me in the news this week. and i've had so many tangled thoughts about how to find the right balances in my hugely privileged life. i worry about some people close to me and many distant from me, and i wonder where i fit and what i can do and what i should do. this evening at bedtime, moses fell asleep in my arms. this doesn't happen often. instead of slipping him in his crib, glad that he went to sleep without a fuss, i sat on the sofa with him

something we never leave home without!
{madeline’s box pacifier clips}

  as i’ve mentioned before, i’m pretty choosy when it comes to baby gear. as a self-proclaimed minimalist living in a tiny apartment in a big city, i am always on guard about collecting too much stuff … and there’s so many things that people claim you need for a baby that i think are silly :) but one item that has been been absolutely essential for us has been a pacifier clip. i’m glad that moses doesn’t constantly want a binkie (or dummy, as they say here in england!) in his mouth, but he does love to suck when he’s sleepy or otherwise cranky. and heaven knows a paci not attached to our little one would perpetually end up on the grimy streets of london – a clip is a must. there are a lot of pacifier clips out there, but so many are super ugly (in my opinion), or way too long, or just quite bulky or flashy. but good news! i firmly believe that madeline’s box has created the perfect pacifier clips! they are just the right length, brilliantly simple in look and design, really

a new year, a half birthday, and some exciting firsts!

^^ strolling (literally) through notting hill mews with mums and munchkins. love these women and kiddos! ^^ on 9 january, our little moses officially turned six months old. it is so amazing to me to realize that it has been a whole half year since he arrived and filled our world with newness, wonder, love and joy. his constant growth and change keeps us on our toes and is so much fun to watch and nurture. life is sweet with mister mo. around moses’s first half birthday, he experienced three very exciting firsts – his first food (avocado and then some other cool tastes), his first real sleeps through the night (cue the hallelujah chorus – although i do have to say i miss those sweet night feeds!), and his first rides in a buggy! these fun milestones - along with good times with friends and family, and the ever-present buzz of this beautiful city - have made our january days in london quite wonderful, despite the cold and darkness. twenty seventeen is off to a great start. we feel s