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the same, but different

it is good to be alive. we've now been back from india for one week. i feel hazy and dreamy and eerie and quite strange - because everything is the same but everything is different. it's funny how heaven sends little tender mercies to fill in the spaces when transitions happen in life. here are a few i've noticed in the last week. - all together, we traveled 64 hours to get home from our last stop in varanasi and due to a train that was five hours late, we missed our flight and had to buy another and our exciting stopby in bangkok became just an 11 hour layover in the airport. ok, no, that is not the tender mercy, but what is is that on the 15 hour plane ride from taipei to los angeles, new moon was one of the movie options. yes, please. - our layover in l.a. was also made brighter because miley cyrus's "party in the usa" was stuck in our heads as we "hopped of the plane at lax." we were literally dancing through customs because we were so grateful