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moses’s first weeks

            ^^ two weeks old ^^                                                                              ^^ one month old ^^ <<< rewind! <<< today i’ve finally been able to get through and organize all the photographs we took during moses’s first month on earth. like i mentioned in my last post, the boy and i are still trying to figure out the right balance - for us personally as a family - when it comes to publicly posting images and information about our son. i’m definitely going to continue sharing and also continue refining where we stand on this as moses grows up and as siblings eventually come along! for now, we are keeping some special pictures, videos and memories to ourselves. but we also feel good about sharing a decent chunk of the cuteness and joy abounding in our lives right now, particularly because this blog is a super useful tool for me in keeping a pretty thorough family history (which is something that is important to me and makes me happy). some

two month old moses

i love being moses’s mom. i positively can’t believe how much joy and love this tiny person has brought into our lives. the boy and i are having a lot of fun being parents, amidst the challenges that help us learn and grow. becoming a mother has changed my perspective on so many different things – it’s pretty amazing and quite beautiful. one thing i’ve been thinking about a lot lately is my “online presence” now that i have a child. i love blogging because it is an efficient way for me to organize my pictures / keep a personal  history / remember life experiences and because i believe in the power of sharing and have loved connecting with others all over the world through this space on the internet. clearly i am not a very private person – i openly publish a lot of my life on the world wide web – but having a child is kind of a gamechanger. i am eager to share our little mo’s sweet expressions and fun growing-up milestones (because i think they bring happiness and melt hearts!), but i

a zero birthday party + first visitors!

when moses was four days old, he got to meet the first of his eleven uncles, the first of his twelve aunts, and the first of his thirty six cousins! my brother tal and his wife anita and their daughter live in switzerland, and they had a long layover in london on their way to utah! it was soooo wonderful for us, because we live far away from most of our loved ones, to have some family visitors in the very first days of moses’s life. and i don’t know if i’ve ever seen a child more completely excited than this little girl was to hold her baby cousin. when we opened the door and saw her, she could hardly greet us because she just couldn’t wait to snuggle tiny mo! we decided tal and anita’s quick visit was perfect timing to have a little zero birthday party for baby boy. i made a funfetti cake and we had a fabulous little celebration together.   ^^ tal, anita and super excited (look at her face!!) little a brought a special gift from switzerland for moses … ^^ ^^ … tiny swiss flag so