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the top of the shard!

  every saturday lately ian has spent 10-12 hours studying for the cfa. the test is at the end of june and we are so excited for it to be over! :) on those long study days ian usually takes a few hour study break to spend some time with me and the boys. last saturday we spent that time on the 72nd floor of the tallest building in western europe! i’ve always loved the unique look of the shard and Ian has long wanted to go to the top. it happened to be a suuuuuper sunny clear weather last weekend so the timing of our visit was perfect! the experience was cooler than either of us expected. the walls made of windows on the 72nd floor are open to the sky and the views from up there are pretty dang spectacular. we love london so much and are so grateful and happy to call it our hometown for the time being!  ^^ looking down on the tower of london and lots of red double-decker buses! ^^   ^^ can you see the shadow of the shard? so cool. ^^ ^^ we even happened to see tower bridge open up to

ten thoughts on a wednesday |36|

        one. my parents left london when gabriel was eight days old, and just a couple of days later, ian’s mom arrived. we felt sooo lucky and grateful to have her stay with us for a week and half. she was so helpful with the baby and with cooking/cleaning/laundry and she took moses out on an adventure every day. moses is pretty obsessed with grandma and i love seeing them together - they are two peas in a pod and the best of friends. i learn so much from my mother-in-law and admire and appreciate her  a lot .      ^^. a couple snaps from when we took the long way / scenic route to church. three generations! ^^   ^^ ^^ there was a bank holiday weekend while grandma was here so we were able to do some fun things all together (in between ian’s study sessions for the cfa!) - we went to the zoo (and didn’t take a picture until right after we exited, haha) and to the princess diana memorial fountain in hyde park (the weather was so warm!) ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ i snagged these photos from grandma’s