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socal christmas

i dashed straight from school on friday the 20th to the airport and hopped on a plane to san diego. the timing of my visit coincided with both christmas and my brother noah’s family’s move up the coast to orange county. i was so glad i could be there to take the four kids on some adventures while noah, kristi and the movers got things in the truck and to help unpack lots and lots of boxes! i have to say i think we did a pretty good job setting up christmas in a brand new house in three days flat. we got out the decorations on sunday, bought the tree and trimmed it all pretty and sparkly on monday, and did all our shopping on tuesday (christmas eve) – organizing things and putting together furniture and wrangling small children in between. we also went to see the movie frozen , celebrated kristi’s brithday with homemade cards and banners and cake, got to know some new neighbors, and i babysat while noah and kristi went on an overnight date (we read christmas books under the tree and w

yuletide dinner party

  ever since brittany and i started throwing dinner parties together early last year, we’ve talked about planning one around christmas – obviously the queen bee of all holidays to be celebrated with a classy fete. so literally months spanning two calendar years of anticipation went into this one. we try to be graciously humble and remain a bit bashful about our dinner parties, but i’m just gonna out and say that this was pretty really fantastic. everything was really pretty and it was a magical evening, truly. {bummer that my pictures turned out pretty grainy and the light in my dining room is so weird.} i mean, there is just no magic like christmastime magic, right?!?   on the menu: artichoke turnovers and apple gruyere bites for hors d'oeuvres / mixed greens with pomegranate, grapefruit, candied pecans, feta and fig balsamic / roast beef with caramelized onions, rosemary roasted potatoes, lemony brussel sprouts and spinach gruyere soufflĂ© / the most beautiful chocolate and n

on two of the best things ever

1. sleeping under the christmas tree. last friday my favourite east palo alto friends and i had our second annual christmas tree slumber party which included lots of girltalk, watching elf , and cuddling up to relish the glow of the twinkle lights. { first annual } 2. candy cane joe-joes. can we talk about this for a second? gosh i love them. maybe i’ve had them for breakfast a few days lately. like, more than a couple cookies for breakfast. i just think they are perfect – flawless ratio of minty to chocolatey to creamy. mmmmmmboy. decemeber is rushing by too fast!

nutcracker magic (again)

i am in love with everything about the nutcracker . i went to see the san francisco ballet perform to tchaikovsky with the loveliest girls last week, and i could hardly contain my pure elation at seeing that wonder on stage. (yes, i was practically squealing with delight. it was pretty obnoxious.) i just think the nutcracker is the most beautiful, magical production in the history of ever. especially the snow scene. the snow scene makes my skin tingle and my eyes well up every time! clara’s dream is the best dream i can think of – a trip around the world, a handsome prince, and a miraculous transformation into a superb sparkly ballerina. and the opera house is so enchantingly wonderful at nutcrackertime! i love this girls-night-out tradition so so much! { last year / first year }  

in the city

mom and i drove up to san francisco on sunday evening. as we came around the bend that reveals the city’s metropolis on the highway, we both oohed at the soft golden end-of-day light kissing the hills. it was one of those sunset moments where the air was thick and kind of crystally and the space around was crisp and clear and bathed in warmth. we got to treasure island just as the sun slipped behind the skyline and we watched as the sky changed and the city began to twinkle across the bay. every single time i drive on the upper deck of the bay bridge and the city grows and grows in my view, a tickly thrill runs down my spine. it reminds me, every time, of the first time i came across the bridge three-and-a-half years ago on a brave adventure. there’s just nothing like it. it gets me every single time.     we went to union square to see all the festiveness. i adore those macy’s wreaths. and for the first time i saw the neiman marcus tree from inside the building (in previous year