yuletide dinner party



ever since brittany and i started throwing dinner parties together early last year, we’ve talked about planning one around christmas – obviously the queen bee of all holidays to be celebrated with a classy fete.

so literally months spanning two calendar years of anticipation went into this one. we try to be graciously humble and remain a bit bashful about our dinner parties, but i’m just gonna out and say that this was pretty really fantastic. everything was really pretty and it was a magical evening, truly. {bummer that my pictures turned out pretty grainy and the light in my dining room is so weird.}

i mean, there is just no magic like christmastime magic, right?!?

IMG_2746IMG_2743IMG_2730IMG_2731 IMG_2733IMG_2752IMG_2754IMG_2756
on the menu: artichoke turnovers and apple gruyere bites for hors d'oeuvres / mixed greens with pomegranate, grapefruit, candied pecans, feta and fig balsamic / roast beef with caramelized onions, rosemary roasted potatoes, lemony brussel sprouts and spinach gruyere soufflé / the most beautiful chocolate and nut buche de noel (yule log) you’ve ever seen / homemade hot coco with assorted toppings

after the meal, we sat and sipped our drinking chocolate and shared family christmas traditions and laughed, and it was just wonderful. such a good group, such a fantastic night.


{previous dinner parties: st. patrick’s day / good friday / midsummer night / pioneer day /fall fete / saint lucia day / springtime in paris / garden party}



  2. It looks brill:) I especially like the red & gold colour scheme.

    The only thing missing were crackers:)

    Happy Christmas. Have a lovely day. Not sure if you also celebrate Boxing Day but Have a lovely Boxing day too:)

    Cheerio from the UK.

  3. So, aren't you going to introduce us to your dinner guests? Who were they? Any of those guys single? (and straight especially now that gay marriage has come to Utah which I would be very interested in hearing your opinion about)


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