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faroe islands: streymoy

after our crazy hike to the highest point in the faroe islands, we drove to the island of streymoy (some of the faroe islands are connected via bridges or subsea tunnels; others are only accessible via ferry or helicopter). we went to the tiny (i mean, really tiny, as in six little grass-turfed houses) village of saksun. there, a lake is formed at low tide, which allows for a walk along a black sand beach to the open ocean. even though we were so exhausted from our hike, we decided to take the walk, and i’m so glad we did! the pictures really don’t do the scenery justice (have i said that enough about the faroe islands?!) – it was sensational. the next day was our last day on the islands, and the worst weather of our trip. the rain, however, caused hundreds of waterfalls to appear along the green grassy mountainsides. we spent some time in the capital city of torshavn, and then, after our helicopter ride was cancelled due to weather, just drove around chasing waterfalls. we ended

faroe islands: eysturoy

after exploring vagar and mykines islands, we drove to a little airbnb cottage in the tiny village of gjógv on the island of eysturoy. the village is nestled into a little cove overlooking the ethereal landscape of the neighboring island of kalsoy, and it is spectacularly charming in such a unique way - surrounded in lush green mountains and filled in with colourful houses. we got to gjógv after dark the first night we stayed there, so it was exciting to wake up, head out on a morning walk and take in our stunning locale. we strolled around the village before heading off to hike to the top of slættaratindur, the highest point in the faroe islands. we had read somewhere that the hike to the top was surprisingly quite easy and didn’t take very long, so we figured we’d give it a whirl with three kids in tow. yeah, whatever we read was wrong . the hike was hard ! for us in-decent-shape adults! let alone for us with kids strapped to us; let alone for four-year-old zara! but the views on