faroe islands: streymoy

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after our crazy hike to the highest point in the faroe islands, we drove to the island of streymoy (some of the faroe islands are connected via bridges or subsea tunnels; others are only accessible via ferry or helicopter). we went to the tiny (i mean, really tiny, as in six little grass-turfed houses) village of saksun. there, a lake is formed at low tide, which allows for a walk along a black sand beach to the open ocean. even though we were so exhausted from our hike, we decided to take the walk, and i’m so glad we did! the pictures really don’t do the scenery justice (have i said that enough about the faroe islands?!) – it was sensational.

the next day was our last day on the islands, and the worst weather of our trip. the rain, however, caused hundreds of waterfalls to appear along the green grassy mountainsides. we spent some time in the capital city of torshavn, and then, after our helicopter ride was cancelled due to weather, just drove around chasing waterfalls. we ended our trip by taking a tiny little hike, in the rain, up behind a tiered waterfall right off the road.  it was very cool and the perfect little cherry on top of our epic adventure in the faroe islands.

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^^ beginning the walk to the ocean from saksun, in the last hour or so of daylight. ^^
London-Faroe 2017-1116
^^ the black sand here is so squishy and soft. ^^
London-Faroe 2017-1125
^^ on our way back to the car, the sun peeked through the clouds and filled the world with a spectacular golden light. ^^
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IMG_4151 IMG_4129
^^ torshavn harbour, and the faroese parliament buildings! we chuckled as we passed the tiny offices of the prime minister, the judicial department, the committee on foreign affairs. we learned a little bit about the history of government in the faroe islands, which goes back to viking times – fascinating. ^^
^^ strolling through little neighborhoods in torshavn. ^^
London-Faroe 2017-51
^^ one of the many, many, many waterfalls we saw from the car, driving around streymoy island. ^^
London-Faroe 2017-1084
^^ and one of the many, many, many sheep we saw on the side of the road! ^^
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^^ here’s the two tiered waterfall one can hike behind. we took turns staying with the kids in the car and scrambled up behind the water. so cool. ^^
London-Faroe 2017-86 London-Faroe 2017-92
IMG_9386 IMG_9387
^^ at the vagar airport on our way out of the faroe islands – how awesome is it that they have this lego table in the gate waiting area?? we were sad to leave the faroes but really satisfied by how adventurous and full and awesome our time there was. ^^
IMG_9400 IMG_9403
^^ we stayed overnight in edinburgh, and the next morning spent about 30 minutes sightseeing before ian and i picked up our car to drive back to london and eli and julie hopped on the train to get to heathrow airport in time to fly home to new york city. eli and i had been to edinburgh before, and ian and julie and the kids got just a little taste of that spectacular city that morning. it was so sad to say goodbye after so much fun together in london and in the faroe islands. we love these guys so much and can’t wait for our next adventure all together before too long. ^^

phew! i’ve now shared all my photos from the faroe islands! now i just can’t wait to see the video my brother is working on, compiling all his drone footage! it really was an amazing, amazing trip that was so fun to share with people we adore. put faroe islands on your travel list! it is absolutely unbelievable.


  1. I have so enjoyed looking at the pictures of Faroe Island. It looks magical. We are not able to travel out of the U.S. at this season in our lives but that's okay but our season will come! Until then I have a wonderful list of places I want to visit someday and Faroe Island is now at the top! Thank you so much for sharing your adventure with us!

    1. Witness protection program? No-fly list? Undocumented?

  2. Thank you for sharing your photos and adventures with us. So wonderful to travel with family.
    Jenn G


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