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loepa sunday potluck picnic

loepa = ladies of east palo alto. we had a fantastic potluck spread, and ate and laughed in the sunday sun at our neighborhood park. we also passed around sunglasses to get a glimpse of the solar eclipse. i have some pretty stellar neighbors.

five years old

on may 17, innosight institute turned 5 years old! to help our team celebrate, i made a {sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan} pumpkin banana cake with coconut vanilla icing and roasted hazelnuts. we got out the happy birthday banner, party hats and party blowers and sang “happy birthday to us.” our executive director in the education practice made a wish and blew out the five candles. we are continuing the celebration online throughout the coming months – check it out here .   i am really lucky to work with some of the very smartest people basically in the world. i am continually amazed and humbled by the company that i keep at work. innosight institute is right on the cutting edge of trans- formative new things happening in education. it is really exciting to be a part of. when i think back on the last 5 months i have spent in my job, i am stunned by how much i have learned.   every couple of weeks, we take a picnic to the park near our office and have what we call a “disruptio

pledge class goes to napa

the pledge class of 2010 ’s sunny saturday in napa valley: - a spectacular drive over the golden gate bridge, through marin and into the wine country with its rolling hills of vineyards -wandering around the farmer’s market and trying samples -strolling through the sweet town of napa -delicious brunch at abc bakery -enjoying the grounds and the fantastic contemporary art gallery at the hess collection -discovering an amazingly beautiful monastery-type place (we still don’t know exactly what it was?) behind the hess winery – incredible views, courtyards, roses and picturesque architecture -misadventures trying to find olive oil tasting – including windy roads and dixie chicks on repeat -a little tour to learn about mr. hess and the winemaking process -patio dinner in san rafael on the way home -girltalk, fabulous landscape and high temps

steph’s birthday bluegrass bbq

  i helped my dear friend steph plan a bluegrass bbq party to celebrate her birthday. can you tell i love making online invitations? we had an amazing spread of sides, ryan manned the grill with all kinds of meat and i made a blue berry cake. after eating, we all shared in making some sweet bluegrass music. it was so fun for me to see my old friends in the city, who i’ve missed lots down here in the suburbs. it was such a perfect night. as i listened to the music surrounded in friends on an early summer evening in my city, i felt a familiar, heavy brand of contented happiness – one of those moments where everything seems just right.