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a lot (more than the weather!) can change in eight days

a week and a day after the boy and i took a photo together in trafalgar square on the fourth of july (see the last blog post!), we returned to the same spot on a walk with our three day old baby boy. it was pouring rain and our hearts were exploding with joy about and love for our little son. so much happened in the eight days between those two photos! we experienced the biggest and best miracle of our lives. now, we are settling into all the newness and wonder and challenges of our forever-changed world. in time, i am excited to share – but it will (and should) be a while before i will be blogging regularly. i’m too busy learning how to breastfeed, taking care of my recovery, and most of all staring at our baby boy and delighting in his every move and expression. the boy and i are both so enamored and so so so so happy. {in the meantime, i’ll be posting some pictures and tidbits on instagram if you want to follow along!} ^^ we didn’t get the birth we hoped and prepared so hard for

nine months pregnant on the fourth of july in england

independence day is, to me, definitely one of the top five (maybe even top three?!) days of the year. i absolutely love celebrating the fourth of july. the boy and i have spent the past three independence days together with his extended family in provo, utah, which i am thoroughly convinced is one of the best places on the planet to be on the fourth! this year, we really missed being with family and in the mountains, drinking byu creamery chocolate milk and getting milkshakes at the purple turtle, and reveling in some good ole down-home americana. but we still had a fantastic day here in the country from which our forefathers fought for independence! while ian was a work (feels pretty strange to have work on the fourth of july!), i listened to country music and ate watermelon while continuing my nesting and different pre-baby projects at home. i met a friend in the park and we ate ice cream cones under the blithe summer sun. when the boy got home, we got dressed in our patriotic ga

our last weekend

we don’t know when this baby is going to decide to go ahead and be born, but we do know that we just finished our last weekend as a family of two here in london. because even if our little one doesn’t come by next weekend, my mom definitely will! she arrives on tuesday morning and we’re thinking baby will coordinate arrival with his grammie. work has been crazy busy for ian (right as it’s non-existent for me due to maternity leave!), but yesterday we were able to sneak in some good time together in an attempt to relish the last of our childless days. we took the tube out to holland park and discovered there such a lovely oasis of beauty and serenity separated from the busy city. after, we walked to portobello road since the boy had never been to the market there, which is a total wonderland. i love the whimsical antique stalls, the wafting lively music from record players and street performers, the food for sale that is just so beautiful and diverse, and the electric energy of the