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colourful moscow

  walking into red square in the morning was almost as exciting as the night before. that glimpse of st. basil’s through the archway just kills me! so so cool. on the way into the square, we noticed this darling easter market. bless moscow’s heart – trying sooo hard to make spring happen, but it’s just not happening yet ;) (those are definitely fake flowers.)   we loved all the huge painted eggs around the city centre. the easter market wasn’t open yet so we decided to go into st. basil’s cathedral and check out the market afterwards! the gum is a gigantic mall that spans one entire side of red square. it’s pretty sensational.     the inside of st. basil’s is a maze of chapels and frescoes built and painted on layers of history.   there was a quartet of men singing in the center chapel and the music was so so gorgeous and atmospheric.   the view down into the square from the inside of the cathedral is stunning. we had to trade off going inside st. basil’s because moses was napping