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ian and i have decided to make it a general rule that we go on a trip to somewhere  sunny and warm  at the beginning of february each year. we both  love  the weather in london - it is spectacular ten months of the year ... but january and february are realllly dreary and dark. having some sunshine to look forward to half way through those doldrums is just right. this year, we used hotel points to book a stay at a gorgeous resort in tenerife (one of the canary islands). when we arrived, we were  very  pleasantly surprised to be upgraded to a crazy awesome suite (with a huge terrace that had a jacuzzi and stunning ocean views)! i've always scoffed a little at vacations that involve never leaving the resort, but besides one quick trip to see some spectacular cliffs ... we never left the resort ;) we enjoyed a stellar breakfast buffet every morning and split the rest of our time between the pools and the beach (and our epic terrace). this trip was different than many we take, but

valentine's day love

  i kind of feel like holidays are slipping through my fingers lately. over and over i have to remind myself that it's okay that i often feel like i am in total survival mode - that's just how it's gonna go during these years with small children. as someone who loves  heartily celebrating holidays, i always want to make each one really special for our little family. but in my current chapter of life those holidays just keep coming and going so fast amidst all the action and wonder of our everyday! i've always adored valentine's day, because what is more worthy of celebration than love ? i sure appreciate romantic love, but there are so many other brands of love that make life so rich as well. so i made sure that we had some good valentine's day celebrating around here no matter what! we had a special family home evening on the 13th february - moses helped me make our traditional heart-shaped cinnamon rolls and when daddy got home we did a "heart attack&