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monasteries and mountains, part 1

i am so very glad we put in the effort to get to took quite a bit of work to get visas and permits and a good tour group/guide, not to mention the looooong train ride! but not only is this compelling place full of beautiful and fascinating things to see, but the humility, devotion, light and history of the tibetian people is incredibly beautiful and moving to experience, even in a little sliver. our time in tibet caused us to reflect a lot on culture, devoutness, freedom, and social identity. it was just an amazing week. we spent a couple of captivating days touring around the monasteries and mountains close by the city of lhasa. our wonderful tour guide, tenzing, is photobombing us above! our tour group was made up of dutch, australian, lithuanian, spanish, welsh and moroccan fellow travelers. we loved talking with them and learning from them. some photos from day two in tibet: ^^ monestary view. ^^ ^^ prayer wheels everywhere! ^^   ^^ rock paintings and blossoms. ^^ ^^ t

the magical city of lhasa

during our first day in tibet, both the boy and i got completely swept up in the sensational, fascinating tide of devotion and color and energy in the city of lhasa. looking back at these pictures now i am reminded of how remarkable and uniquely exciting this place is. we absolutely loved our time there and were totally enchanted. our week in tibet was spent with a tour group (you actually cannot enter tibet without a guide and a group) and we loved getting to know our fellow travelers. day one in lhasa included a tour of the potala palace (the home of the dalai lama before he went into exile) and the jokhang temple (the center of tibetian buddhism) and then some free time on our own exploring the old town. we learned a lot about the history of this tremendously interesting spot on earth and took in so many different, delightful sensations. what a truly special place. ^^ the potala palace is so imposing and magnificent, looming over the city. we had watched the movie seven years