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china, india and arabia

jane showed me around the neat cultural neighborhoods in singapore. it was like we went to china, india and arabia all in one afternoon! i loved the bright buildings and shutters and the lanterns in chinatown. see the laundry hanging out of the windows of that high rise? we ate lunch at a hole in the wall place known for its homemade noodles. jane’s husband blake showed us a pretty look-out point up a hill above chinatown. we went in the buddhist temple right as a ceremony was beginning. little india was equally as colorful as chinatown. it was fun to find some things that reminded me of my time in india, like these flower stands:   we checked out a bustling wet market in little india. i love southeast asian fruit stands, even though the extremely pungent durian smell is always pricking our noses! it started raining right as we got to arab street – but teetered off just enough for a picture with the mosque! arab street is full of textile shops. we admired the all the patterns as we st

singapore botanic gardens

on saturday morning, jane and i took a walk in the singapore botanic gardens – and holy smokes it was truly amazingly gorgeous. it was so fun to stroll and swoon at all the pretty vistas and flowers. we walked through the orchid garden, the crown jewel of the lush, lush park, and then made our way around the pond past flora and fauna galore before heading home. i took so many pictures because i couldn’t help myself. and this post is just a collection of photos of outrageously beautiful flowers. it was too hard to narrow them down! but all the flowers were so unique and sublime! looking at these pictures makes it hard for me to believe that i actually saw these in real life.        …sure made for a pretty wonderful saturday morning on the other side of the world.

day 1: hot, humid and fantastic

after pilates, jane and i headed out to see the city under the scorching singapore sun. we had lunch at this awesome hawker food center right in the middle of the financial district. the place was packed with people on their lunch breaks. it was incredibly hot and stuffy! i loved the energy and buzz of it all. there were soooo many different food stalls to chose from! here’s what we finally decided on: we walked from the hawker center to the crazy (cool?) marina bay sands hotel. remember seeing that weird building in all the views i showed you in the last post? there is a big mall at marina bay sands (singapore is fullll of huge, fancy malls), including canals and a floating louis vuitton store! on the rooftop of the hotel is the famous infinity pool, accessible only to hotel guests. unless – you happen to know the pool manager, which jane does! we got snuck up to see the stunning views. the views from the other side of the building were also pretty awesome – tons of shipping boats! it