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the wright brothers, growing up fast

  our little boys are growing up fast. over the past couple of months, it seems like both moses and gabriel have changed soooo much! i really think they are both  impossibly  cute and i have just been bowled over lately by how much i adore them. here's a little update on the wright brothers! these photos were at bear lake and here in our london home about three weeks ago ... and both boys have grown since then! i guess another update with newer pictures will have to come soon :) moses... ...has experienced an explosion of language since hanging out with a bunch of older cousins in the usa. he can now hold a pretty good little (albeit disjoined) conversation! it's pretty fun to chat with him, and he surprises me with words he knows every single day. ...has become a little singer! he perfected the abc song  thanks to his cousin-teachers zara and mila at bear lake. for the first couple of weeks after we got home from the states, anytime  moses saw any  letters any

ten thoughts on a wednesday |41|

  one. we've had a hazy couple of weeks back in london. jet lag + four month sleep regression + growth spurts + very hot (read: energy-sapping!) weather + lots of busy getting back into the swing of things = bleary! but  it feels so good to be home, and we love  our life. pictures below: back to the playground in our garden, to early morning snuggles in bed, to football class in holland park, to familiar toys and routines, to our pretty neighborhood.               two. i recently listened to oprah's interview with diana nyad, the first person in the world to swim 110 miles from cuba to florida without a shark tank. i was blown away  by diana's story. she swam for fifty three hours  straight!!! in outrageously difficult conditions, and at the age of 64. whattt!!! when people told her that her goal was impossible to accomplish, that her body simply could not do it, she responded with this thought (not a direct quote...for some reason i can't access oprah