tender moments

a couple of days ago, moses and i met ian in st. james's park after work for a dinner picnic and some fun on the swings (little mo's favourite activity). we had such a lovely evening together - under the huge gorgeous trees and the beaming blue sky with a giggling baby. a few minutes in to the short walk home, moses fell asleep on his daddy's shoulder, and it was just the sweetest, sweetest thing. as i looked over at my baby boy and my true love, moving together snuggled up through this beautiful city, my heart was just a puddle.

my life right now is brim with tender moments like that one. my days are made up of increasing tantrums, hundreds of little messes to clean up, groggy early mornings, and sharing stress with my spouse -- and there's a lovely, cool stream of sweet slices of time cutting through it all.

yesterday i laughed so hard that my sides ached while watching moses's silly antics in the bath.
my little son is increasingly giving me kisses spontaneously.
when i come home from the gym in the mornings both of my boys are sparkling with excitement and love, and when ian gets home from work in the evenings moses can hardly contain his joy.
each night as i lay my drowsy baby in his crib, my heart feels like it is clobbering all my other organs because it's swollen with so much love.

indeed, this chapter of life is so sweet.


  1. "... there's a lovely, cool stream of sweet slices of time cutting through it all." I love your description of the heaven found amidst the chaos and stress of life (especially with children). Thanks for sharing your life:). Mindy


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