oh my goodness i love it here!

on tuesday around noon, i sent off a few job applications and, with a sigh, looked at the big bay window in my bedroom. a tickle of delight arrived when i realized i could see the ocean! the clouds had parted - even in my neighborhood! immediately, i knew i had to get out of the house, and within 90 seconds i was in my car set to discover the scenic drive i had noticed on my sf map.

i rolled along the streets of this dazzling city and the day turned out to be out-of-this-world splendid. i guess in times like that i should be grateful that i don't have a job - if the sun's out i can gleefully go enjoy!

the scenic drive brought me to the top of twin peaks, through haight-ashbury and golden gate park, down sunset blvd and up the great highway along the coast, into the presidio and down to baker beach, and then along the marina stocked with boats gleaming in the sunshine. it was a glorious-beyond-glorious day.

and in several perfect moments, when my eyes beheld a vista overflowing with beauty and charm, my stomach fluttered, the blood ran to the end of my veins, and tears appeared at the lips of my eyes. i was so happy i shed a tear or two! because my soul told me that not only is this city fabulous and gorgeous, but it is mine. this is where i belong. this is my place. what an exquisite feeling!

as if things couldn't quite get better, later on when i saw the sky light up from that same bedroom window, i jumped in the car again and cruised down to ocean beach (just a 5 minute ride away!) and watched the sunset on a blanket on the sand. i was sort of freaking out with gladness.

my journal entry for the day looked like this -
17 august 2010 - OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE IT HERE!!!

i really, really do.


  1. Are you considering some jobs in the writing field? You should use that gift more than just this great blog. sure love to hear this...especially afte3r that harrowing last week with the "shaving injury"!

  2. thats my girl....practicing the art of joy!


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