there are some definite perks to being technically unemployed.

photo (9)

my mission companion/dear friend brianna came to town and i was able to spend two days, mid-week, just playing with her. on wednesday i showed her my city and on thursday she showed me her homeland (she is from santa rosa, which is about an hour north of san francisco). it was so great.

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it was brianna’s spring break and she drove out to ca with two of her friends from utah state. it was fun to show them the city.

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the next day i was introduced to the wonders of the sonoma coast, and i absolutely fell in love – it was gorgeous. we ate clam chowder at bodega bay and then beach hopped up the shore. it was a perfect day – especially because we got spotty sunshine after a morning downpour.

sister h and friends1

yes, although my no-job situation genuinely seems to get harder everyday, i’m positive i will (one day soon) really miss funemployment.


  1. I love these photos. What filter or program are you using? I changed blog addresses. Would you mind changing your link on the side of your blog? I actually get alot of traffic through you. sunshine. :)

  2. Gorgeous pictures and I'm so glad that you have so much to keep you occupied while you're looking. Just enjoy these halcyon days. It won't last forever...

  3. P.S. I'm sure no one is more aware of that than you!

  4. How do I get one of those cute "I'm a Mormon" buttons?

  5. OH!! Bodega Bay! Goat Rock! These are the places of my childhood. You make me so homesick! So happy you're exploring it all...


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