look at this stuff, isn’t it neat?


tuesday night i danced down market street with a gold paper crown on my head, belting songs from “the little mermaid” with all my soul. and ever since i have had those catchy tunes perpetually stuck in my head!!

best $15 i have maybe ever spent was on “the little mermaid” singalong at the castro theater (rivaled only by the “sound of music” equivalent in november).

we all got a “goodie bag” as we filed into the gorgeous, intricate, rich old theater and the excitement and anticipation mounted. inside our bags were: a golden crown so we could all look like king tritan, a plastic dinglehopper with which to brush our hair, a pearl necklace to be fancy like ariel, a little bottle of bubbles to make the under-the-sea thing even more real, a glow stick to mimic ursela’s glowing shell containing ariel’s angel voice, and a party popper to celebrate with when prince eric finally gets the memo to “kiss the girl”!

we had quite a crowd cheering, sneering, screaming and belting it out. but i’m pretty sure we were the best singalongers there. we sat on the second row and it was so magical to look back and see hundreds of glowsticks swaying and bubbles floating as we all crooned and partied with sebastian and friends.

DSC00168 DSC00174

oh, and there was a costume contest, and kelsey entered. she totally deserved first prize, especially because she was the only natural red-head up there! the little old man at the organ played for quite a while before the show started and he was so adorable. i love that he is sporting tritan’s crown with the rest of us!

exhilarating. magical. thrilling. so so so fun! topped off by a blood orange float at bi-rite. love this city!



  1. looks like fun!

    gotta love the castro, right? always something crazy going on in that part of town!

    and i'm super jealous of your bi rite blood orange!



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