pledge class of 2010


it seems that in our single’s ward here in sf, generally most of people’s closest friends are those who moved in around the same time as them. lucky for me, i moved to the city around the same time as these stellar girls. i feel incredibly grateful for the friendships that have grown as we’ve been the newbies together. we’re like the little pledge class of 2010. (brittney horman is an honorary class member - insanity of law school kept her from rush week...)

on saturday we got pizza in north beach and brought it to this magical secret rooftop for dinner. we talked about all the things that have happened in our 9 months in san fran, made predictions for the next 9 months, talked about boys (the staple) and laughed. i couldn’t ask for better friends. these girls are rad and have taught me so much. some of us are departing for the summer or forever, so it was fun to soak in the city together.



i love love love these ladies (and many other great friends that came to the bay before or after me).

other weekend happenings:
we had a ward campout in the mountains above crystal springs. the landscape was gorgeous and enchanting. there was a great turnout, and we all ate and chatted around the fire. then pillow talk kept some of us up until the wee hours with a serious case of the tired jollies.



on saturday kelsey, krystle and i took a duck (land + water!) tour. we quacked, danced, giggled, and even got to drive the duck boat in the bay! i turned to krystle halfway through and said, “yeah, we are outlandishly more excited about this than about 95% of these passengers.” she said, “charity, that is the story of your life.” indeed!


a sense of nostalgia and preeminent longing has crept into my feelings for this city. that’s because i’m going to go away for the summer starting around june 20. i’ve got a pretty sweet summer line-up. but i know i am going to miss san francisco! especially the pledge class of 2010.




  1. wait a sec... when are you leaving san francisco?
    ( is it fitting that my word verifcation for this question is : ALOOf?)

  2. I guess I failed your rush week. it's cool. I joined a different sorority.

  3. Oh this post was filled with tenderness. You girls are adorable, I love you all! Like for reals!

  4. Where are your fun Summer plans taking you? (Please say East Coast).


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