gunpowder, treason and plot

remember, remember the 5th of november!

bonfire night/guy fawkes day is one of my favourite english traditions – one that i vowed to continue in america. my first november back from the mission i burned a tiny cardboard effigy with my roommies, and last year kelsey and i hosted a stellar bonfire celebration on ocean beach. we were excited for months to have another beach bonfire this year, but at the last minute we had to move indoors thanks to rain. nevertheless, our celebration of the failure of the gunpowder plot of 1605 was a smashing success.

we made this lovely effigy of the wicked man himself, i pulled out my union jack paraphernalia, and we started a blazing fire in the fireplace at my house.
i made “triffle shots” with genuine english custard my friend graham sent to me from across the pond (and with berries, angel food cake and whipped cream).
i was kind of obsessed with how cute and yummy they turned out.
we liked introducing guy, our terrible traitor, to our many guests:
roommates with guy
kelsey and i read the story of the gunpowder plot and then made everyone chant the traditional poem with us. once we were sufficiently riled up, i threw him in the fire, and his head popped immediately!
then we headed out to the backyard for sparklers and other fireworks under the clearing night sky:

the best part of the party was that right after we came inside, the windows filled with blue and red because the cops showed up! we didn’t get in too much trouble. we were bummed about having to move inside, but it turned out to be such a lovely, fun, cozy, wonderful night. down with guy fawkes, and here’s to a brilliant celebration!


  1. SUCH a fun night! I loved that it was moved indoors. Perfect.

  2. Oh Charity, whilst you were making a big deal out of Bonfire Night in November I was making a big deal out of Thanksgiving...something is wrong here, let's just swap already!! You love the U.K and I love America - it would be wrong not to!
    I love how enthusiastic you are, I have never seen anyone in England celebrate Bonfire Night in the way you did! even the little rhyme above the fireplace that everyone had to chant, and you in your Union Jack T-shirt! It was classic! and I enjoyed your facial expressions too! xxx

  3. I love how you celebrated firework night:) The guy was brilliant:)

    I love how you still celebrate British traditions. Have you got any crackers for Christmas by the way? If so, you'll have to wear the hat/crown all day:)

    Cheerio for now from Julie in the UK:)


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