the best st. patrick’s day yet

when i celebrated mardi gras with my new friend brittany, i realized i had found a kindred spirit who understands like i do the delightful importance of adequately celebrating all holidays. we decided that very night to throw a fancy st. patrick’s day bash. we prepped for weeks, got giddy with menu and decorating ideas, and had one full day last saturday preparing and hosting. turns out brittany and i were born to be partners in crime in planning festive dinner parties, and we are already planning for easter (and cinco de mayo, and into the summer…)

our first event was a huge success – even though we severely ran out of prep time towards the end. just made it all more of an adventure! here’s a peek (or more than a peek – i was a little obsessed with taking pictures…)
invite3IMG_0345stp1 stp2menustp3 stp4IMG_0357IMG_0379IMG_0392IMG_0386IMG_0385
after dinner (with celtic music and talk of the history of st. patrick), we walked around the corner to brittany’s house for dessert and a screening of “waking ned divine” – the perfect irish movie! brittany did most of the cooking of dinner (it was amazing! especially the warm soda bread right out of the oven!) and i did most of the baking of dessert…and i was really proud of my treat spread – check out the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!IMG_0400
stp7 stp9stp5 stp6IMG_0406
brittany made these cute pot o’ gold party favors for all our guests. we sent them off with their treats and then began the mammoth task of clean-up, which really was a great part of the fun:IMG_0415IMG_0413

this party was a lot of work and a lot of fun, and i seriously can’t wait until good friday for our next celebration!

i have to say that this st. patrick’s day was probably the best of my life. part of that was maybe because i had been to ireland this year! before all the dinner party prepping and reveling, i had a fantastic st. patty’s day morning. i had slept over at jospehine’s in oakland after going to the temple on friday night. we had lucky charms for breakfast, then went to a shimmypop dance fitness class together (shimmypop is just exactly what it sounds like – and yes, they have a disco ball and club lights). after shimmying and popping, we got pedicures before i raced back across the bay to bake green treats.

definitely one of the best days of 2012 yet!


  1. This all looks amazing! LOVE how much effort you went to! this is all right up my street! and your dessert spread looked so delish! lime and coconut shortbread?! I am repinning as we speak! Did you hear my Vancouver news? one of these amazing dinner parties would certainly be worth the 18 hour road trip! hehe

  2. you are such an awesome baker these days! i'm so impressed sister! you need to teach me your ways. looks like such a fun way to celebrate st. patty's day!

  3. You are so gorgeous!

    I think that the only thing you should change next year is to watch, "Darby O'Gill and the Little People".

    Magical post!

  4. You're so pretty Charity! Love seeing your activities.

  5. Looks like So much fun my sweet sis. Mom and Dad were RAVING about what an amazing cook you are when I saw them last. Good for you. I need you to come teach me some stuff. Love you.

  6. Looks like So much fun my sweet sis. Mom and Dad were RAVING about what an amazing cook you are when I saw them last. Good for you. I need you to come teach me some stuff. Love you.

  7. Whoops, I didn't mean to post that so many times! It said I got the dang "prove you're not a robot" words wrong so I kept trying. I don't like those words BTW. Love YOU though.

  8. I've been watching for this with great anticipation and then somehow my blog reader skipped over it. Charity, seriously you are absolutely amazing! How about cooking for us when you get home! I agree with Aja. You are gorgeous. Plus you shine! Waking Ned Divine is one of our absolute favorite movies! FUN FUN FUN!

    It's late in Poland with a 5 a.m. alarm set but I'm so glad ot see this before we take off. Talk to you soon!


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