a dreamy midsummer night


brittany and i decided the longest day of the year is certainly worth celebrating, so we added midsummer night to our line-up of holiday dinner parties. we both had family in town the week before, so our preparations had to be quite last-minute, but everything worked out so splendidly! it was a whimsy, magical evening. truly dreamy.

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brittany is a master of literature and an 8th grade english teacher, so she taught us a little bit about shakespeare’s midsummer’s night dream. we each read quotes from the play before eating.

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as the well-lived daylight slipped away, the lights twinkled and the candles shimmered and the night was just so lovely. we talked about midsummer traditions around the world, our plans for the summer months, and memories of summers gone by.

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this dinner party was such a happy official start the warmest season. i think we captured nd basked in athe oh so sweet atmosphere of summer nights and the fanciful mood of shakespeare’s play perfectly!

there’s nothing like the deep, cozy, barefoot feeling of summer. as the days slowly get shorter, i intend to love the heck out of all the sunny hours of summertime this year.


  1. Seriously magical. I love us!

  2. Such a fun idea! Your dinner parties always look so fancy but so far maybe this one takes the cake! Enjoy summer in the northern hemisphere :)

  3. Honestly Charity, how in the world did you pull this off? You are truly amazing! Do you think you could do this for 41 at the family reunion? Wait, maybe Lyla won't get the Shakespare part. Maybe McKay would though!
    Simply amazing!!!


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