happy pioneer day!


i super love pioneer day. even though i wasn’t in utah this july the 24, i couldn’t let the day pass without some true celebration of something so worth celebrating. i have a soft spot for the legacy of the mormon pioneers. in church on sunday, i was leading the congregation in singing hymns, and i got all teary in front of the crowd as we sang “come, come ye saints” together. i am truly, truly grateful for the sacrifices of the pioneers and the lessons i have learned and can apply to my own life from their incredible faith, diligence and resilience.

so, to honor, commemorate and revel, brittany and i hosted a little neighborhood party in our friends’ backyard. we made four pies to share: apple (recipe handed down all the way from brittany’s pioneer ancestors), strawberry rhubarb, peach raspberry and banoffee (an english dessert that we both adore).


i have to say all the pies turned out amazingly well – they were delicious! our guests enjoyed while bluegrass hymns filled the night air and laughter filled the yard.


we lit up some sparklers and waved them in celebration of the pioneers reaching the salt lake valley 165 summers ago.


we gathered to share some pioneer stories of faith and miracles.


and encouraged everyone to a second helping of pie!

celebration is good for the soul.



  1. Dang! Where are you when we need you? We did have a chuck wagon breakfast at the pavilion but no homemade pies in sight! Looks fabulous!

  2. I'm sure NO ONE could have hosted a better celebration of the pioneer's arriving in Zion better than you Charity darling! It looks wonderful, such a perfect way to celebrate! Pies, hymns, and stories!

  3. Hi Charity, I am a new reader. I love your blog. A friend shared yours with me because I am relocating (with my little family) to the Bay Area. LOVE your recommendations about fun things to do in and around San Fran. I am curious about the Bluegrass Hymns you mentioned listening to. Please share what/who/ or where I could go to listen to those myself. Thanks!!


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