charity day

af7b5aa4de7811e189de22000a1e95dd_7after weeks of overwhelmed, i dubbed last saturday

“charity day”

it was glorious.

+slept in and ate my favorite breakfast in bed
+spent as long as i wanted at the gym: dance class, cardio and some laps in the rooftop pool
+mani and pedi
+got my computer fixed and browsed at stanford mall (which is outrageously lovely and in bloom, by the way)
+ate a salad at my favorite palo alto restaurant and snacked on my favorite treats from trader joe’s while reading my book
+baked biscuits and listened to music
+dyed my hair
+strolled along twinkle lighted university avenue with an old friend in town
+had some great, giggling pillow talk

i’ve tried to have “charity day”s before, and i always end up making some sort of grand plans that slash my chances of truly rejuvenating. but this weekend i made it happen! ah, what a needed, refreshing day.


  1. Good for you! I need to do this!

  2. I love that you did that! Such a great idea, you definitely pampered yourself and it was much deserved! I would love to do something like this!

    perfectly priya

  3. want to have a lisa/charity day? just an idea...

  4. You deserve this! Nobody knows the stress you've seen in the past month. Sounds as though you're ready to go on....with a passion!


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