the best of suburbia

i admit i have been quite negative about moving to the suburbs and living in palo alto. i still miss the city every day, but i have to say that this saturday i got a little charmed by this town, and felt a little prickle of love for this corner of suburbia. the truth is, if you gotta live in the suburbs, palo alto california is kind of the best spot to land. it’s really nice here.

josephine just moved to palo alto from the east bay, to a house that’s about six minutes away from mine! i took her to foothills park on saturday afternoon. i’d been there just once when i first moved here, and have tried to go there several times since, but they are pretty strict about only allowing palo alto (not east palo alto) residents in. josephine was my pass to finally get to explore this gorgeous spot.

IMG_4488 IMG_4494IMG_4489IMG_4490 IMG_4498

it was such a radiant, lovely, sunshiney day, and the trees were all mossy and tangly and wonderful. i love the golden hills and the lichen and the lizards and the rolling views. we had a picnic and then went and sat on the dock at the pond and talked about our future weddings while observing a gromal photo shoot!


after we left the park, josephine took me to a garden center she’d noticed one day driving through the streets of palo alto. what a hidden pearl of a treasure the elizabeth gamble gardens are! i was in heaven under the crape myrtle trees and winding through the flowers.


we read in a pamphlet that elizabeth gamble was a wellesley woman! what a perfectly splendid coincidence!

IMG_4508 IMG_4509IMG_4512 IMG_4516IMG_4518IMG_4520IMG_4521 IMG_4522

we decided to go downtown to get a cup of tea and passed this beautiful quaint church on the way, surrounded in palm trees and redwood trees and flowers. we ooohed and aaaahed at all the gorgeous houses along palo alto’s avenues.

IMG_4526 IMG_4527

we drank tea on the patio of the cutest little cafe with specialty truffles and beautiful pastries, and window shopped and strolled in the blithe late afternoon sun. and i thought, huh, i kind of love palo alto…!


  1. you are about the sweetest thing ever.

  2. Charity, I always love reading about your Bay Area adventures! It gets me inspired for when I come home! SF is of course, the best, but Palo Alto is something special too! I love your flower pictures as well, this place looks gorgeous!

    perfectly priya


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