fall fete


harvest fall salad with pomegranate, goat cheese, pears, and maple vinaigrette
roasted butternut squash soup with hazelnuts and sage
homemade rosemary and olive oil bread
pumpkin pot de crème with petite molasses spice and apple cider caramel cookies

IMG_0733IMG_0738IMG_0740 IMG_0742IMG_0744

82 exchanged emails, lots of virtual pins, a sunday night of decorating
and a columbus day full of cooking and baking,
too much angst over which fairytale pumpkin to buy for the table,
then delightful company and a warm, genuine celebration of the beloved season
…another successful fancy dinner party.



  1. Oh my heck Charity, how do you continure to pull these things off??? It looks so beautiful AND scrumptious! Remember how you did this so we can enjoy some of your great gift for food while you're here. I'll buy all the stuff! Your house certainly looks lovely and inviting! Great to see all the beautiful touches!

  2. Charity, I met you at the Power of Moms seminar last year. I am here in San Francisco. . . I brought my husband and children to see the area (I served my mission in Oakland). We want to go to church here . . . wondering what ward would be good to give the give the kids an experience. Do you go to a family ward or singles ward.

    Also, any great kids friendly restaurants that we must try?

    thanks, Shauna Hunt

  3. I seriously can't WAIT until the next one . . .


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