last sunday my incredibly classy friends kelly and melinda hosted a gorgeous thanksgiving dinner party on melinda’s back patio. the evening was impeccable…and enchanting and splendid and feverishly lovely. it was such a delight to go to a fancy dinner party, thoroughly appreciate and enjoy, take pictures to my heart’s content (i was dubbed the event photographer), and not be the hostess.

IMG_1195 IMG_1199IMG_1193IMG_1197 IMG_1220
appetizers and mingling:
IMG_1201 IMG_1202IMG_1269
and then the feast:
IMG_1233IMG_1224IMG_1236 IMG_1237IMG_1234IMG_1248
followed by a gorgeous dessert spread:
IMG_1257IMG_1260IMG_1263 IMG_1264
here’s the oh so lovely hostesses themselves:

on my thankful list this year is good friends in palo alto. i am surely blessed to be associated with such interesting and wonderful individuals.


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  2. So. Classy. I hope you asked for serving dishes for Christmas.

  3. this party looks like this is out of a martha stewart magazine!! AMAZING!


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