i ran 13.1 miles…

…and accomplished a years-long goal.
…one glorious saturday morning in santa barbara.
…in one hour, forty eight minutes and forty eight seconds.
…and i can honestly say i loved every second.

pre-race nervous-and-excited:photo (9)
we all channeled our spirit animals. don’t worry about it. i’m a horse. obviously.
photo (11)
post race exhaustion-triumph-and-revelry:
photo (6) photo (12) PB108761photo (10)
the spirit animals come out again:
this was pretty much the view for the last two miles:

i’ve had a goal to run a half marathon for years and years. kelsey, steph, jodee and i drove down the coast to santa barbara to conquer those thirteen-point-one miles. it was the most beautiful day. i was part of a big crowd of people. i had great music in my ears and blood and adrenaline pumping through my whole body and muscles that worked and worked and worked. i prayed as i ran, and thought as i ran, and sang out loud with my music as i ran (and danced a little here and there), and maybe i teared up as i started the last half mile where the course was lined with american flags. and i sprinted at the end. and i just felt so alive.

seriously, i loved every second.


  1. WOW this is AWESOME Charity. I ran my first half marathon as well two weeks ago. I LOVED how you said that you enjoyed it all. Isn't it just the coolest feeling. Totally agree. Way to go baby. And to think it all started with our little runs to the H rock and back;) LOVE you!!!!

  2. Wow Char! Impressivo. So sad we missed you considering we were right there at the same time!

  3. Congrats baby girl! We are so happy for you. You look pretty happy yourself! What a deal!


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