after our run, we went straight to brunch at scarlett begonia, a charming cafe tucked into a darling little alley in downtown santa barbara. i’ve been looking forward to that brunch all during months of training runs! there was a bit of a wait so we stretched in the sunshine. the food was spectacular. and you better believe we wore our medals all day long.

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then, my dear friend/former mission companion (who lives in santa barbara with her husband and so graciously hosted us) took us to her favourite spot of beach and we just laid our tired bodies on the sand…ahhhh.

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at sunset we went up to elwood bluffs to check out the views and enjoy the golden seaside. it was gorgeous.

i sure loved catching up with my dear sister jenks. we had some incredible times together in england.
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we ate famous freebirds’ nachos for dinner – holy smokes they were tasty.


and then watched “what’s up doc?” at sarah and thomas’s house, exhausted. what a fantastic day.


  1. "who lives in santa barbara with our husband"

    Is it an inside joke I don't get, a typo or an "OKAY?!"?


  2. Wow the colors are BRILLIANT! Brilliant friends too! The food didn't look too bad either. Food is a pretty good thing!

  3. Freebirds has the most delicious burritos...I love Santa Barbara.


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