photo.PNGbrittany and i have been talking about having an advent calendar full of christmasy activities (one for each day in december leading up to christmas) since september 27 (yes, i found our first email about it, and yes, it was 2.5 months ago…). we are kind of soulmates when it comes to celebrating holidays.

we’ve both done something christmasy every of the last ten days (sometimes together and sometimes not). last tuesday we made peppermint bark.

here’s a tip: don’t tilt the pan to take a picture of your creation until the chocolate has set. we didn’t realize what had happened until a few seconds later, when we exploded into “oh no!”s and then into laughter.

{like i said in this post,} i love christmas. i love it, i love it, i love it. i guarantee more than most people you know. i love it because it is magical and sparkly and cozy and radiant, but mostly i love it because i love jesus christ. i know that he is real. i have felt his power work in my life and at christmastime i feel his love deep in my heart and in the marrow of my bones.


  1. I look so innocent in this picture, so blissfully unaware of the destruction I'm wreaking on our candy.

  2. I think it's great that you love Jesus, but I don't think Jesus or His Father appreciate having a celebration for them on a pagan Saturnalia feast day, complete with pagan traditions such as presents and lights on greenery.
    It's not really Jesus's day of birth - really nothing to do with him at all except what was derived from idol worshipping pagans.


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