nutcracker magic

a couple of months ago i bought nine tickets to the san francisco ballet production of the nutcracker, and made giddy plans with girlfriends for an epic night out. after weeks of anticipation, the evening was absolutely enchanting and ravishing and lovely.

i adore the nutcracker. it’s just such a dream. a handsome prince, a trip around the world, ballerinas in the most exquisite tutus, magic and music and movement…i love love love it. i was shivering with delight the entire ballet. my favourite part is the snow scene, which left me breathless and tingling from head to toe. seriously. in the last few minutes of the snow scene in the san francisco production, it snows hard on stage, like so hard you can almost not see the dancers. it’s just spectacular.


i also adore the war memorial opera house. it was all decked out and gorgeously christmasy. we parked near red-and-green lit city hall and walked through the silvery streets of the holiday-clad city to the steps of the opera house which were dusted with “snow” drifting from the roof. magical.


we went to the top of the mark, a super fancy restaurant on top of the mark hopkins hotel (which is on top of nob hill), after the ballet. the lobby was glowing with christmas and as we walked out of the elevator on the top floor, we heard jazzy “jingle bells” being played on the big grand piano under a huge wreath. the whole city sprawled out in sparkles below us and we had some dessert as an amazing pianist literally tickled the ivories.


i made a pledge that night to never miss the nutcracker at christmastime. it’s just too good.


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