the first day of christmas

first day home in our snowy mountain home so dear included: bundling up…photo (24) copy photo (23) copyphoto (25) copy photo (22)
then playing in the super sparkly snow…
photo (21) photo (24)photo (22) copy 3 photo (23)photo (25)

cleaning out the attic at our old
family home, which was just
officially sold a few months ago…
(we found some pretty incredible treasures like this 3x life-size
poster from my dad’s
gubernatorial campaign)







meeting my childhood best friend’s brand new baby boy…
photo (26)
watching the sunset from the “this is the place” state monument overlooking the valley…
photo (27)
riding the train to “candlelight christmas” at the heritage park…
photo (22) copy
eating dinner in the old hunstman hotel…
photo (28)
and strolling through the magical pioneer village, which included all kinds of fun things,
the best being a beautiful live nativity.
09-pine-valley-chapel-during-candlelight-christmas-at-this-is-the-place-heritage-park 4897ca26342fe87f79b69486789e28f0

four of my eight siblings came to my parents’ home in park city for christmastime this year. i have so loved being with them and being home. every time i come back to utah i feel incredibly grateful for and so adoring of where i came from.


  1. I love This Is The Place at Christmastime! Looks like you are having a nice Christmas break!

    I'm so sad I didn't get to see you in California. I didn't get to see my bro in law & a few other people too. 2.5 days was simply not enough time in that fabulous area. I love it & I can't wait to go back someday soon & explore with you! McCaye happened to text me when I was heading to Fisherman's Warf & she jumped in her car & met us there which was so nice. Next time I need to stay for a week I think :)

    PS I'm going to utah in February, any chance you'll be there??? :)


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